Can the click track be sent just to headphone jack?

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I am using loopy with the Behringer istudio and a FCB1010. I am wanting to use this set up for live performances but would really love if I could have the click track not going out the speakers to the audience. Is it possible to only have it coming through the headphone input on the istudio, or through the ipad headphone input? If not any suggestions?


  • Hey @Sarahb16,

    I'd like this functionality too! I've been working on it, using iOS 6's new multi-routing audio feature, although I've not quite got it solved yet.

  • Let's say I've got a four-channel interface. Can I pick a channel to use for the click?

  • Yep, that's the idea, ultimately (but I've not built it yet!)

  • I always use light click and look on turning around of the track ... It's ok for me

  • I really like the idea to be able to assign a dedicated channel on a multi-channel interface to the click, directly in loopy!

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