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REC Issue

Hi Michael,

I found a new bug or strange thingy:
when running loopy as output inside audiobus along mic input, sampletank and bs16i i press the REC button to record the whole session.
It records fine with no glitches what so ever, but then when listening to the actual recoding it doers have pops and cracks similar to those when one gets if the audio buffers overload CPU, but here it's strange that it's only present after the recording is made not whilst it's being made...
Hope this makes sense and hopefully can be fixed.
I was hoping to record my live performances this way but now it seems a bit more complicated...

Many Thanks!


  • Oh dear, that doesn't sound right! Cheers, @ToniFranco, I'll see if I can replicate this on my end.

  • I'm having trouble replicating this problem, @TonyFranco - would you give more details on the device you're using and iOS version? Also, please try rebooting your device beforehand.

  • sure

    iphone 4s ios 6.1.3

  • Issue replicated again today, this time I am sure it must be to do with audiobus.

    Steps to replicate launch audiobus, launch loopy, in audiobus input enter mic, sampletank and bs16i. No issues creating loops, but when start singing or playing guitar Hilary the Rec button is on, the recording will have stutter/glitches.

    If I kill all apps and go back to loopy without audiobus and use the Rec to record the singing or solo all sounds good, no glitches... Pure weirdness :/

  • Weirdness indeed! What happens if you disable "Live input recording" in settings - does it still glitch?

  • Hi!

    Yup, that sorts it out, but than I am not able to record my solo's or singing as the mic input is muted. I can only record sample tank and bs16i and with no issues. Only when I add live mic input it starts happening.
    I think we got a culprit here?

    Hope can be fixed :D

  • Hmm, interesting. Is it just those two apps?

  • Interesting or annoying depends on POV ;)

    Tested with Alchemy, BaeatMaker, bismark bs-16, DM1, Figure, FunkBox, Magellan Jr., Nlog MIDI synth, Sample Tank.
    I used single and 2 instances of these apps and problem is their as long as live audio input is enabled. As soon as that is gone I can record without glitches BUT as stated before that defeats the purpose of live performance recording as I can not record my vox nor guitar.

  • Sorry about the delay, @ToniFranco - are you still having this problem?

  • Hi there. I'm having exactly the same problem when I try Sampletank as input and Loopy as output on Audiobus.

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