Loopy kills audio callback of RoboVox

the current version of Loopy kills the audio callback of RoboVox. i found out when testing both apps with audiobus.

It's easy to reproduce:

  • launch RoboVox
  • launch Loopy
    -> audio of RoboVox is gone. (Audio remains working when launching Loopy before RoboVox)

2013-05-30 17:05:22.291 RoboVox[3255:907] 17:05:22.291 <com.apple.main-thread> AURemoteIO::Initialize failed: -12985 (enable 3, outf< 2 ch, 0 Hz, Int16, inter> inf< 2 ch, 0 Hz, Int16, inter>)

i debugged the RoboVox core audio implementation for quite a while but i am still stepping in the dark. any hint would be highly appreciated.


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