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Ghost Bindings

Hi Micheal,
i set Bindings a few days ago, now the BindingPage is empty but the Bindings are still there & i can Toggle Record..., (spooky i tell ya!), but you cant see these bindings @ the BindingsMainPage is EMPTY & you loopy doesnt recognice MIDI Notes from the Footpedal anymore, BUT the old bindings still work.
Where are the Bindings saved?
ios6 / ipad2 / ioDock / RockPedaL


  • Most likely you set up MIDI bindings originally and are now looking at Bluetooth bindings (which will be empty and won't respond to your MIDI foot pedal!). Or if you have a Bluetooth pedal, then the opposite is happening. Either way, back out of your settings and go to:

    Settings>General> key bindings - use this if you want to bind a Bluetooth keyboard or pedal

    Settings>MIDI> Control input(choose the input your MIDI is coming from) > key bindings - if you want to bind MIDI commands

    @Michael, for some reason, this is showing up a lot as a question here on the forum. Maybe a revised label would help?

    Such as "add MIDI Binding". And "Add Bluetooth Binding"

  • thanks yes its there!

  • Awesome, glad it works.
    I've done the same thing :-b

  • @Hmtx - Yeah, I've been thinking about that too.

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