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Loopy HD imports my loops at wrong tempo

I love loopy.

It's part of my live rig now.

However, no matter what I do to my loops, loopy imports then at the wrong tempo

I'm creating 24bit stereo wave files and I'm embedding the tempo into the meta data.

But no matter how I hold my nose or twist my thumbs, loopy plays them back at the wrong tempo.

For example, I can set loopy to be 120bpm. And my loop can be 120bpm and the meta data in my loops says it is 120bpm.

But loopy plays it back as if its 144 slowed down.

What's up with that?




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    OK, I'm completely confused now...

    I re-edited all of my loops and made them be EXACTLY the correct length for their tempo and then re-imported them into loopy.

    STILL they don't play back at the right tempo.

    For instance, I cleared loopy and started fresh, then loaded a loop who's tempo was set to 80 and it was 2 bars long.

    Loopy set it's tempo to 160. Ok, not perfect, but at least it's understandable.

    Then I loaded a loop that was recorded at 110 which loopy SHOULD have stretch/resampled to fit into 80/160 but instead it played ignoring the previous tempo setting.

    What is going on here?

    What am I missing?

    BTW, I checked and double checked all meta data and edits and these loops are FOR SURE what they say they are.

    Thanks for any help.


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    44.1k 24bit stereo wave files.

    Btw, I found a setting that helped fit the loop into the current tempo.

    So that was a dumb user issue.

    But I still don't get the double tempo thing.


  • Never tried it but I wonder if you need to set the project loop multiplier to the correct length. So if you have a two bar loop to import, make sure your loop length count is set to 2. 8 measure loop... set it to 8.

    Totally speculating out loud here but that's what the Internet is for! Amirite?

  • True... And I'll try that.

    Setting the correct 'fill loop' parameter in the settings helped with getting the tempo closer.

    But it's still a mystery to me how I can import a 2 bar loop of 80 BPM and get 160 BPM setting in loopy.

    It must be the bar thing. I'll try that.

    But as a suggestion, I would think that if you're importing a 16 bar loop and the tempo is 120, and loopy is set to be 1 bar phrases, it should NOT set its BPM to be 120X16!!!!!

    It seems to be it should look at meta data (if there is any) and THEN look at loop length.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • Good point, @larryseyer - I haven't been checking the metadata, but estimating the tempo from looking at the length. The way it works currently is that it has a minimum and maximum likely BPM range, and if it's greater than that, it divides by 2 until it's within the range; if it's less, it multiplies by two. It usually gets the right result, but there're exceptions. I think I might look at this again.

  • Michael,

    You are awesome!

    BTW, this is the best implementation of a looping app I've ever used.

    Simply great.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Thank you very much! =)

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