OBSOLETE (SOLD): iConnectMIDI interface For Sale

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I've decided to sell one of my iConnectMIDI (original model, #1). These work flawlessly to connect any MIDI stuff together; USB MIDI devices, old 5-pin DIN (round connector) devices, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Macs, PCs, you name it. You can use it as a simple 2X2 MIDI interface. It works perfectly to connect foot switches and controllers (USB or 5-pin DIN) to Loopy, for example, with no computer required. It provides power to your iThing. No techno insanity .... it just works! (Oh, it also works with USB hubs, if you need even more connectivity). I used it with a SoftStep foot switch and Korg nanoKontrol on my iPod with Loopy.

This is as good as new, in the box, with all the original stuff, iPhone/iPad cable, etc. $90, with free postage in the continental U.S. Other postages we could figure out.

Here's a link to the specs, description, and manual on Amazon:



  • Hi Soundog, Is it still up for sale. do you mind shipping it to Belgium?

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  • Anyone else has an iConnectMIDI original for sale? I'm interested in getting one.

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    @loopyoperator -- I've decided to sell my second unit to get a 4+ if you are still interested. Includes the box, power supply, and 30-pin cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod. The going rate these days seem to be $75 with shipping (continental US).


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    @soundog - Looks like this older version doesn't have audio pass through. Could it be used to strip the audio interface functionality from my Zoom G3 but still allow control via midi over usb?

  • I don't know what you mean by "strip the audio interface function from Zoom G3." The older version has no audio capability (only MIDI); the MIDI setup and cabling run independently and separate from your audio setup. So, if you use your G3 to send audio to your computer via USB, that would work separately from controlling MIDI through the iConnectMIDI, but you could NOT pass audio from the G3 through the iConnectMIDI and into Loopy. I'm not sure if that would work with the 2+ or not, send iConnectivity a support ticket with your specific question.

    The great feature of the older version is that it will act as a standalone MIDI host for both USB MIDI devices and old MIDI DIN products, so a computer or iOS device is not needed when connecting and controlling MIDI devices (either via MIDI cables or the iOS-device cable. But, no audio pass through; you need a separate solution for audio.

    On the other hand, the new version (2+) has audio pass through, but no MIDI hosting.

    Hope that makes sense!

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    Thanks. What I want to do is control my Zoom G3 via midi over USB (it doesnt have midi ports) while using a different multi-channel audio interface. Since iOS only allows one audio device to be connected at a time, I was thinking I could plug the Zoom G3 into the USB port on the iCM and then control it via the midi ports, essentially using the iCM to strip the audio interface functionality/ or add midi ports on the G3 depending how you look at it.

    Sounds like it might do that but maybe I'll just contact them. But does your version of the iCM really provide power to the "iThingy"? Didn't think it did that...

  • No, it doesn't pass power. As far as midi over USB for the Zoom G3, the 2+ may work for what you want, but I'm not sure...

  • Is it still for sale?

  • yes, still have it....

  • Hi. I'm interested. I've been hunting for one of the originals for a while. Let me know if it's still available.

  • Sorry Dizzi, its been sold. I'd delete this thread if I could. If moderator reads this, please do so. Thx!

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