Which USB hub?

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I'm looking for an powered USB hub that really works with iPad mini. There's a lot of different hubs that do work for just the USB connections, but not for charging the iPad.

I'm familiar with the issue that even when it says "not charging", it actually is - just slower.
Does anyone know a specific hub that actually works?

I've been recommended this one http://plugable.com/products/usb2-hub4bc


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    Funny you should start this thread, I've ordered this exact hub and it should be delivered hopefully today. But I am planning to use the hub with the ipad as the host and it being plugged into the CCK for my audio/midi devices. I've been having major crackling audio distortion issues with my current setup and want to try a higher quality hub to see if that fixes it. This one just happened to be the size and format I was looking for.

    Unfortunately, this hub won't fast charge my ipad 3 and I don't have an ipad mini to try with it (or any other if its listed compatible fast charging devices for that matter) but I would be willing to report back on my impressions of it and whether or not it works for my uses after I try it out if that helps.

  • Great, Ringleader! Thanks for your respond. I'm planning to use it the same way as you. This particular hub seems promising and hopefully it will work as described. Unfortunately Amazon don't ship electronics to my country (for some ridiculous domestic tax reasons). So I would appreciate your report very much before I find a way to order it.
    Thanks again!

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    No problem! Plugable seems to be a pretty cool company that takes usb hubs seriously. Not sure if you saw this or not regarding charging your ipad mini: http://plugable.com/2012/12/03/iphone-5-ipad-mini-usb-hub-charger

    In my recent experiments I tried two different (budget) travel usb hubs into my ipad/CCK and had the same crackling sound issue so I had determined that the hub wasn't the issue. But after pulling my hair out every night for about a week with no solutions, I pulled another old usb hub/card reader out of the drawer that was kind of expensive back in the day and and it worked! So this leads me to believe that all usb hubs are not created equally.

    Even though it seems that I have found a workable solution to my audio issues, I don't feel comfortable with a rig that is dependent on an old discontinued usb hub so I have been searching for the best (affordable) compact usb hub available for use with the ipad and landed on the one you referenced above. The fast charging capability is just an added bonus for me for whenever I upgrade my phone. Will report back!

  • Thanks again! In fact, I just ordered it! I've read a lot of customer reviews that seems to confirm everything, as well as your kind recommendations. That's enough for me! Looks like it will work for my setup, and I can't wait to get it! I wish you the best of luck, and hope it will work out seamlessly for you as well!

  • I read the blurb and I thought it said it didn't work properly with Apple products? Did I misread it?

  • It's confirmed to work properly with iPhone 5 and iPad mini, which has lightning connector instead of the old 30-pin connector.

    If it doesn't work after proclaiming this on their website, I guess they have some explaining to do:

    "...in our test iPhone 5 and iPad Mini charged at a HIGHER rate via the hub than with Apple’s wall charger..."

  • FYI - I received the hub and is nice and small and seems to work as advertised. However, it did not fix my issue. At this point I have no choice but to fault the Zoom G3 since I have literally tried everything else I can think of. So in summary, I am sure the hub is fine and will work but no matter how good it is, it won't repair a USB device that just isn't compatible. Back to the old drawing board.

  • Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, man! I'll gladly report back how it works with iPad mini, if you ever considering buying one. I guess 30-pin connector VS lightning connector is a significant issue here. Sorry!

  • What is the method of connecting this hub to the ipad? is it the sme as other hubs ie USB to mini USB? Do you still need to use the CCK?

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    Where did you read that it charges at a faster rate than the IPad charger?

    I read this on Plugable's FAQ's:-

    "Can the hub charge iPods/iPads and other smartphones?"

    "It does not have special support for Apple proprietary charging, beyond the 500mA rate which is standard for USB 2.0. This means iPads will only trickle charge, and only when the iPad is turned off (if turned on, the iPad will report “Not Charging”). For iPods, iPhones, and other non BC 1.1 compliant devices, it will charge only at the standard 500mA rate."

  • You will need a lightning to USB camera adapter to connect this hub to the iPad mini.

    You'll need an iPad mini or iPhone 5 with lightning connector to get the fast charging work properly.

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    $29.00 for a lightning to USB Adapter cable.....sry but,
    What the F***?!
    this is outrageous, Apple!

    How did you connect your USB Connections to an ipad 1+2(ios5.1.1+ios6)?
    I try it with an AKAI MPD18 direct, dont work, not enough Power,
    I try it with an AKAI Synthstation25 (with Batterys) direct, dont work, not enough Power,
    try it with an DLink Powered USB2.0 Hub (DUB-H7 > 5V 3A!)
    with this it will work...but dont charge the pad

    The Evolution XSession connect over USB send MIDI if you enable MIDI OUT from USB but you have to ENABLE only the EV-XS USB MIDI Controller Anschluss1!

    Did anyone have experience with QuNeo? it will come next week, (happy!)

    nice WE

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    Just to clarify - this hub (or any other hub for that matter) will not charge the iPad while using the camera connection kit. There are dedicated audio interfaces that allow charging (Apogee Duet iOS, Ampkit Link HD, Alesis io dock, etc.) but so far no dedicated USB hub that I am aware of.

    This Plugable hub would just serve two purposes with the iPad. To be a powered hub for audio/midi USB devices and also as a rapid charger for bc 1.1 compatible devices but not both at the same time.

  • @Ringleader

    That is what I thought, but thanks for clarifying...

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  • @Ringleader

    You're the only person on the Internet that I can find that seems to be having (by the sounds of it) the same audio problems with USB hubs and iPads that I'm having. I wonder whether you've managed to sort it, and if so, what you did?

    I'm using an iPad 2 & CCK with a Lexicon Omega sound card set up as follows:

    iPad > Dock extender cable > CCK > USB cable > Lexicon Omega > Output to headphones or speakers.

    This setup works flawlessly.

    However, I want to use a powered USB hub so I can connect multiple usb midi devices to my iPad simultaneously.

    The setup I'm trying is as follows:

    iPad > Dock extender cable > CCK > USB cable > Powered USB hub
    Lexicon Omega > Powered USB hub
    (And any other midi devices too)

    With this setup, any audio out from my iPad (or my iPhone if I try that) is accompanied by pops and crackles.

    I've tried swapping out cables, tried playing using a midi keyboard to trigger the ipad/iPhone, tried removing all midi devices altogether from the USB hub and playing using the ipad screen, but nothing changes the quality of the audio.
    It IS just a cheap, unbranded USB 2.0 hub. Could this be the issue? I don't want to splash out on a quality usb hub if that isn't the problem.

    Strangely, if I remove the dock extender cable from the equation, the popping lessens significantly, but is still there. I know the cable is fine, because removing the USB hub removes the audio artefacts completely.

    I'm completely stumped :-o

    So, any suggestions? :-)

    Thanks in advance,


  • @Dancore - two days in with a new ipad air and so far none of the issues I have previously experienced. I've had bad dock connector cables that did what you are describing. I just think I was pushing my ipad 3 beyond its capabilities.

  • As for you request, I just got a Hootoo USB 3.0 hub with AC adapter. It includes the adapter so you can plug into the wall and used as a charger. Smart powered USB hub, right? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DKOVVR4

  • I use this hub everyday with multiple devices including portable usb3 hard drive and usb3 ssd hard drive. It works with 2 drives, usb headsets, wireless mouse dongle, network usb dongle all without plugging in the external power source. I use it on my Windows 8 pc and my Surface RT with perfection. Highly recommend!

  • From my research and my experience so far I have NOT found a Powered USB hub that will charge the iPad while the iPad is a Host. I bought (and am still using) the 4 Port Pluggable Powered USB and it does charge the iPad but only when it is plugged into 1 of the Downstream Ports. When the iPad is plugged into the Upstream Port via the CCK it will not charge. AND I am almost certain there currently isn't a hub on the market that will. As someone mentioned above there are Docks/Interfaces that will allow you to use the iPad as a host AND Charge at the same time. Me I am surrendering to my current setup until Focusrite releases their new iTrack Dock this Spring.

  • I know this thread is old but I am hoping someone can help me with this and I am a little overwhelmed with all the specs, blogs, and forums I have read in the last two years. I am a teacher. I have 6 iPad minis. I want to buy a hub for them to charge on, nothing fancy- just easy for a 6 year old to plug back in. Do any of you have any suggestions?

  • I would go for a DLink Hub 7. super reliable, solid. Never let my down.

  • I would like to suggest you that must try for the Liztek's Multiport Charging Hub which allows you to charge multiple devices in one time.

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