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Improve loopy

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It would be better if able to edit loops cut and size to fit any sample to make it loop perfect


  • A really good way to do this (better than manually cut them) is to activate 'count in-out'.
    This makes 'beat-perfect' recordings 'on the fly'…
  • Bt I import drum loops bt they dnt loop properly
  • I was thinking about that problem 2. say I import an acapella with no count in, is there any way we can sync subsequent tracks? or the other way round, sync subsequent tracks to the bpm of the first imported loop.
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    I mean I would think if you import the loop and its a perfect 2 bars of something at 140bpm, for example, you just have to make sure you're own subsequent recorded loops are synced to it manually, but some automated function when u import would be thuper awesome.
  • Hey Ben - Hmm, I'm not quite following the thread yet; Loopy *does* sync tracks (as long as you have the sync setting turned on, which it is by default, and possibly count-in and count-out). When you import additional tracks, they're also automatically fit to the same loop length (unless you disable that). What am I missing?
    Or are we talking about the way Loopy can sometimes guess the tempo of imported loops wrong, and play back at 2x or 0.5x speed? (because of the integer ambiguity with multiple-bar loops - without the additional BPM metadata, it's impossibly to distinguish e.g. between 1 bar of 60BPM and 2 bars of 120BPM, as they're exactly the same length). I'll be working on that issue soon.
  • Is loopy ever going to have audioe effects? at least a simple delay and reverb would be a great advantage!
  • Indeed it will, @Jennyned - not in this update, but after this one, it's at the top of my list (this update includes an engine update which will enable effects, so it's on its way, I promise)
  • This would just clog the app up and make it run slower, and occupy the dev with a relatively useless feature.

    Looping is about timing. If you are having problems getting your loops right, practice. This is music, after all. :)
  • (hehe - I was just searching for the "Like" button for that comment)

    It's true - track editing has never been a priority in Loopy. I prefer to help people get the timing right the first time. Address the cause, not the symptom.
  • Hi all,

    what so you you think about a pitch (+/- 12) and and a flexible Time funktion, like i have on my Electro Harmonix 16-sec Delay? I also miss the reverse funktion.
  • What I mean is I have drum loops n other loops bt I won't to cut sertain bits out so cut and edit would be good for this app because nano studio has this
  • Ow n when are the fx coming because it's the 10th now so were are they
  • Lol hey stretch, Mike's a busy guy. He has to prioritize some features over others. Loopy is not a daw or audio waveform editor. Also, editing loops is not a function of any looper out there and not a vital one either for the vast majority of performing loopists.

    As for FX, that's a rather big task to undergo. Not only would it tax the lower-end ios devices (ie ipod touch, iphone 4) due to processing stress, but the FX also would have to be good quality. Thus, this is a function you may want to use separate hardware or software for in your audio line.

    Loopy is a looper, and a compact touch-based one at that. Keeping it simple and effective on all platforms is important to keeping the app stable, as the goal is to use it in live scenarios. Stuffing the software with many features just creates more problems, especially since Loopy is developed by 1 man. A nomadic one, at that. :P

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    Wow, what he said *points to @auxili* ;-)

    The update is nearly there; you can see what's in it here: http://atastypixel.com/blog/brand-new-loopy-coming-real-soon/

    It's important to me to release a solid, stable product, and I will always sacrifice schedule for quality. There have been a few outstanding issues which it has been important to address. I expect to be submitting to Apple over the next few days, though.
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    I totally agree with the above...it makes it very stress free performing if you have complete confidence in the stability of the hardware/software that you are using.

    @michael. I understand you were working on a project Audiobus? I think this could be a perfect way of filling in the gaps that some individuals seem to feel loopy lacks. I would presume it would enable loopy to focus on the job it's dealing with, with another app dealing with their specific task, I.e. fx, guitar modelling etc. that's what I think anyway....probably a load of crap!!
  • @samwalker - Thats right, and yep, extendability is the main thing that originally motivated me to start looking into it.
  • @auxili - I think some general fx would be useful to not have to boot up another app for (probably less strain on the iPad to calculate a reverb than run another app and the bus to connect them etc), however agreed - loop is the priority.

    Multi-channel output, if we ever get it into Loopy, would get you around the issue as you could always route loops 1-4, say, to an external fx bus.

    But again... dev priority is understandably the features that make this work as best as possible for everyone, and I'm currently having hours of fun tinkering with the app as it is. Can't wait for the new 4 channel Alesis IO4 to arrive in the post on monday!
  • I'm bumping this old thread rather than creating a new one. I'm using loopy as a practicing tool. Basically I'll be using it to record backing tracks for playing gypsy jazz solos over. A means of adjusting the start and end points (or even the length having rotated the track to get the start point right) would be useful, that would mean I can record a track without needing to pair my air turn pedal then adjust the length and start point so it loops in time. I don't want to use the click feature as it is a somewhat organic style and some of the tracks have a tempo that varies during the song. I have Loopy 1.6.5

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