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Hi Michael,

A very big thanks for the last update. For me its a big improvement. It just keeps getting better:)

I have a request for a MIDI binding:

A "toggle mute" which, when pressed while recording does not stop the recording, and at count out will mute the recorded track. Something like "Toggle mute, stop record after count out"

With this i can make a sequence of recording the verse/chorus/bridge in 1 go and go instantly back to the verse.

My idea is to: "toggle record, then overdub" loop 1. While recording press "toggle record, mute, then record next track" for the chorus, and repeat this step so i can record the bridge. Then while recording the bridge, press "Toggle mute, stop record after count out" to stop loop 3 recording at loop "zero" and mute the track, so i can unmute track nr 1 again.

For guitar looping, i would set all my "toggle mute" bindings to this new version. Maybe the original "toggle mute" should even behave this way, but then, it might interfere with other people's vision.


  • Any word on this?
    Right now this is my biggest obstacle with writing new songs.

  • Hey @Tom - apologies for the delay! I'll add this to my todo list to have a think about.

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