Since the new update not starting anymore on iPad1

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I really love this app. Please bring it back to me. Since the last update it would not even start anymore. Only the loading screen comes up, then a short flash with the red line on top of the screen saying loopy is recording and then its gone. My device is the iPad1. Restarting my device doesn't change it and it happens on Loopy and Loopy HD the same.
Thx in advance.
This is the best music app in the store, please bring it back to me.


  • Thanks @Spero!

    Check out this announcement: (Note: Update has just entered review, should be just a few hours now)

  • The update is out now

  • Thx alot. I so so love this app. Please keep up the great work. Will there ever be an Android Version of it, cause I want to get an Android tablet and phone, maybe you change your mind about not writing an Android Version (Dreaming is allowed;-) ). I will really miss this App though. There is nothing even close to this app. Thumbs up...

  • Thanks very much! =)

    I'm afraid there's not going to be an Android app, though.

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