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I was wondering about the future update that includes undo/redo. Will the undo/redo be global like normal computer applications (undo/redo whatever the last action was), or will it be per track, like a hardware looper (undo/redo the last recorded layer on the track)? Any insight on this puppy?


  • The way I've been thinking I'd implement undo/redo is via left/right swipes on a track, which move the track through its history. The transition between would show up as a left/right slide animation of the track waveform, accompanied by a brief display showing page dots (like the iOS home screen paging). You undo by swiping to the right, and redo (or clear, if you're at the end of the history) by swiping left.

    This would also works as a 'takes' mechanism, allowing users to flick through different versions of a track, which might accomplish what you had in mind, more or less.

  • Nice. Could this be accessible via midi as well?

  • Love the dots idea

  • It'll absolutely be MIDI-accessible, yep - somehow or other =)

  • Thanks for the quick response Michael.

    So it seems a combo of the two "undo types" I mentioned. Sounds good.

    When you talk about "takes" though.... that sounds like non-layered loop history. Is this correct? And then I'm assuming there would be a normal layered option? Would the decision between the two be a toggle in the settings pane?

    Also one other issue i've had with other looper undo functions... the timing of the undo. One hardware looper i had tried was very frustrating because the undo/redo function wasn't really instantaneous... which made it REALLY difficult to use as part of a song because you would have to press the switch between half a sec to 3 sec early (depending on how long the loop was and current time position in the loop). It was a total non-musical timing thing.

    Also regarding timing... will the default be to have the undo/redo occur at loop start position? Maybe double press to have it occur instantly? (I mean like how Loopy's record function works right now)

    that's really cool that each track will have its own undo/redo history.

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    . +1 on the midi. I like how the midi bindings (and gestures) allow 'stuff' to happen, without cluttering the interface or diving through sub menus.

    Is it too anal to suggest undo swipe to the left and redo to the right (like you might find on a word doc or similar)? ;)

  • @ stjambience - regarding swiping direction

    I think Michael has it right.... since its like a history of recordings. Think of it like a book... you swipe left to turn to the next page.

  • @thenonanonymous, I hadn't really thought of a use-case for 'undo' as a musical tool. I thought it more like "Whoops, I didn't mean to delete that loop!" While what you're suggesting could be cool, it would be overkill for me. As long as there is a simple "just pretend I didn't do that last stroke" option, I'll be happy.

  • @thenonanonymous yeah, cool that's a nice way to consider it :)

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  • Hi gang, has the 'undo' feature been implemented yet? I (intend to) use loopy live and control it with a footpedal.
    I looked in the bindings, but I don't see an 'undo' feature.
    thanks a bunch!

  • Hey @Michael any news on this? I've had loopy for ages but ended up only using hardware loopers live because i couldn't quite make it work for me. This is super important as i like to improvise and we all know that sometimes that can go wrong...

  • I'm afraid not, @ElKapone - still working on Loopy Pro, but it's a long hard slog =)

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