Direct Monitoring on iPad 1


I've been trying to run a guitar through Loopy via the Alesis i/o dock and an iPad 1 - then into the amp. What I'm trying to do is use Loopy as an effects pedal (looper).

However, it always produces the crackling sound in the video below:

Importantly, I can run through the Alesis dock without this sound occurring. It only happens when going through Loopy. Is this caused by the performance limitation of the iPad 1? If I get an iPad 2 or 3, will this go away?

Thank you.


  • Hey @Ironlion - first thing to try is updating the IO Dock to the latest firmware. You can find the download with instructions on the IODock site - click "Docs & Downloads", then find the firmware installer underneath "Software & Drivers".

  • YES! It worked! Thanks so much :)

  • @Michael, one more issue: after playing for about 10 minutes, it's like some kind of memory buffer gets filled and the audio starts crackling. Not like in the video above - much more subtle but enough to be a problem for performance. It sounds like a sound card that can't quite keep up with what's happening.

    My question to anyone reading this: do you notice after doing several loops (using direct play-through) the appearance of some static in the line so to speak? iPad 1? 2? 3? Mini? iPod?

    I've not experienced it when just recording into Loopy - only when playing through (using it as a loop pedal). I'm wondering if a later model than iPad 1 would work better.

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    Looks like we are sharing the same nightmare. I have tried everything I can think of to deal with what sounds like your same issue (although with different equipment) and am feeling defeated.

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    OK, so I got inspired to try something different: I realized that Loopy's direct monitoring and the Alesis "guitar" setting might be redundant. Sure enough, I can turn off the Alesis "guitar" toggle and still get a signal out to my amp :)

    So perhaps this will solve my issue - which would be Awesome because it means I have a working guitar looper for live performance!!

    The jury is out though until I play some long practice sessions with it w/o the crackling issue arising. It seemed to solve the issue as I played for about 20 mins just now. I will report back.

  • Ok, further report: the issue seems to be coming from the Alesis Dock. When the crackling starts happening, if I undock and redock the iPad, the crackling goes away. Off to Alesis.....

  • The best way to deal with this issue is to force quit all applications and do a full restart of the iPad. That provides the best performance but I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable using loopy/ipad1 in a performance setting because of the crackling that arises. Not sure if an iPad3 or mini might be able to get the job done...

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