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Request: Effects: Formant-multipole filter & EQ

edited January 2012 in Support and Feedback
There are some basic and necessary effects like reverb and echo. I would say that equally important is an equalizer.

On the other hand there is a very spectacular one that I would like to see in Loopy: a formant filter.

I think both things could join in a unique multipole EQ, Live style filter.

This equalization is much more useful than the classic three-band, because it allows to play with the timbre of the sound (the formant effect —basically a multipole filter— is always spectacular and very varied) and remove unwanted frequencies or highlight them until they become predominant, helping much to integrate and complement the rest of the audio that is playing.

This effect will allow a high degree of fit and processing sound. In Live it has a clean and cool interface. Would like to see how you translates the concept to Loopy…
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