How do I stop a recording using a MIDI footpedal and then play it back later?

First of all, LOVE the Loopy app! However, I can't seem to figure out a very basic thing. I have one MIDI footpedal binded to 'Toggle record without count-in/out', and another MIDI footpedal binded to 'Toggle session pause and restart'. When I press the foodpedal binded to 'Toggle record without count-in/out' it starts recording just fine, but when I press the footpedal binded to 'Toggle session pause and restart' nothing happens, it keeps recording. If I press the footpedal binded to 'Toggle record without count-in/out' it stops recording but begins playback immediately. I don't want that, and I don't want the loop to just mute, it needs to stop. In other words, I want to stop the recording without any immediate playback and then I want to press a footpedal later in a song and have that loop start playing from it's beginning. And this needs to happen completely with the MIDI footpedal, with this particular song I don't have time to take my hands off the guitar and press the iPad. How do I do this with MIDI bindings to a MIDI footpedal? What am I missing? Thank you so much.


  • I wish I could answer this question for you. But I have the same need. i.e. If you record a loop WITHOUT count-in or out, WITHOUT metronome and then mute it; play a bit and and then want the loop to play, it's virtually impossible unless you follow the exact same structure of the loop and manage to keep your playing in perfect time. Anyone solve this?

  • Hmm, it sounds like you have the right approach, @zpockets - the recording should end, and the session should pause when you press the second trigger. I'm going to look into this.

  • Ah huh!! It works perfectly recording the second track, but not the first. I can repeat this perfectly. The first track, recorded with 'Toggle record without count-in/out' ignores the press of 'Toggle session pause and restart' , but continues recording (and if you stop it with the 'Toggle record without count-in/out' it plays straight back until you pause the session - no good). If I use 'Toggle record without count-in/out' again to stop the recording, select another track and use 'Toggle record without count-in/out' to record the second track, it works fine - one press of 'Toggle session pause and restart' stops the session. Another press of 'Toggle session pause and restart' restarts the session and it then immediately stops recording (when the session is restarted). For @zpockets, if you had a pedal binding to 'toggle record, mute and begin recording next track' (or similar), it would then record you a second time. You could then stop the session and use restart to bring back this second recording of the guitar when you wanted to play it back.

    @zpockets, I think I did what you want to do using 'Toggle record without count-in/out' to record me playing some chords once, then 'toggle record, mute and begin recording next track' to again record me continuing to play the same thing and 'Toggle session pause and restart' pauses the session, with the first track muted, second track paused in record. This doesn't play anything back while recording these two tracks (ie any audience wouldn't know I was recording). I then pressed 'Toggle session pause and restart' and the second track came out of record and played back perfectly (it can take over rhythm for me and I could then go on to play some lead over it, etc). The first track is still muted. This needs three pedals mapped - easy for something like an FCB1010.

    It does look like inconsistent track behavior, Michael... but there's a work around :)


  • @garywi06 - Interesting! So you basically record the same backup pattern on 2 loops but only play the second one back using the session pause/ restart toggle?

  • Just so you know, I've fixed the root problem that caused the unexpected behaviour with the first session pause. Update'll be out soon.

  • @lesndes, that's what I was thinking for zpockets... it sounds like zpockets will be playing the same chords (say) over and over again, and doesn't want it to playback, so... it won't matter how many different loops you record of this (using the 'toggle record, mute and begin recording next track'). The more I think about it... you could keep doing this (recording another track), until you are sure the last one you played was the best you could do and pause the session for later play back. The previous recordings are all muted (if you had a free hand you could delete them).

    But it's only a workaround for the little problem that Michael has now fixed (because he is so 'on the ball!')

  • Yay!!! Looking for the update!

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