First few Loopy Songs after switching from RC-300 loopstation...

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Though supremely humbling, given the crowd that is present on this forum, I present... my very-first loopy creations:

Enjoy... comments welcome on how I can improve. :)

  1. Electrofy:

  2. Fawkes:

---- and, for reference ---

  1. *Cabbage (created on RC-300)


  • Well, that was excellent! Great compositions and playing, and I really like how your songs evolve and change throughout. I'm curious though: what sort of instruments (real, digital, samples) are you playing; do you do this stuff live or at a desk/console; what sort of pre- and/or post- audio processing do you do on your instruments?

    I do more "traditional" (??)!acoustic guitar/vocal based looping, so when I hear something interesting like your stuff, my ears perk up!

  • wow... thanks for the kudos, Soundog ... :)

    I do about an 85/15 mix of performance and post production. Some songs get nailed playing live, but most of mine need a bit of touch-up.

    For samples, I use the ones that come with my Korg Kaossilator pro and a Boss DR-880... The rest are either played live (guitar, strings, synth, percussion) in a session or tweaked on the way in using multi-chaos pads as an fx chain on my mixer which sends it all to Loopy. Loopy can then layer it and ultimately send to my PC, as a mix-down, or even one track at a time for post processing... (which effectively becomes another performance).

    I so enjoy the 'nowness' of music, and loathe the 'work-feel' of post production... so I try to real-time tweak the sounds on the way in... and sort of snag / stage it with Loopy , then send it to my PC if it makes the cut. I've just started messing with AudioBus / iPad effects, but I find them less expressive / accessable than their hardware originals.

    I do post production in Acid Pro for Windows, paired with Komplete 7.

    I haven't ventured into vocals yet, but that will come soon enough. I also can't really read music, I have no idea what notes I'm playing and everything I do is a one-time-shot that I'm unlikely to reproduce again... Loopy lets me do that with 12 tracks per session!

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