Loopy HD problem with iStudio by Behringer

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When recording an acoustic guitar to Loopy using iStudio microphone cabel input must be changed anytime I want ro create a full stereo panorama. Otherwise the signal always go left in case mic 1 inpust is used or right when input 2 is used. Very impractical..


  • Hi @Ludek,

    That's interesting, as this is not the expected behaviour with Loopy. I've made a video here showing you how it should work, for comparison; can you describe how the behaviour differs for you?


  • Hi Michael, it' s great you take effort to assist! I appreciate it so much. The problem must be in iStudio construction, not in Loopy. Behringer iStudio has got two condenser mic independent inputs that really must be changed to get the L or R signal in Loopy. When I get the menu of signal routing you showed in your video, I can select either L or R (or both) channels. Nevertheless when mic is inserted into input one in iStudio, signal flows into L Loopy channel only on all of the tracks. When changing the track panorama to R, no sound there. The same but contrary when using input two of Behringer.
    When using guitar signal routed through Sonoma Guitar Jack 2, no such problem at all.
    By the way, Loopy is a work of a genius.

  • No problem!

    Actually, that sounds about as expected - input 1 is mapped to the 1st channel ("left"), and input 2 goes to the 2nd channel ("right"). If you wanted to have those inputs mixed together, I'm afraid you're outta luck, unless you have a splitter cable to mix the inputs together in hardware. I've been considering implementing some more advanced channel input settings, but I think a more suitable place for that might be within Audiobus, which we're working on.

    And cheers!

  • I made a microphone cable split and I am back in game. Thanks for a hint, Michael.

  • I use the Alesis iO4. To get my input 1 and input 2 to both be centered, I use Beatmaker 2 to handle the inputs, and then route via Audiobus to Loopy HD. This is working well for now, but of course it limits me to using Loopy HD at the end of the Audiobus chain, so, no ability for post-Loopy effects.

  • Great idea, @chadsell! (btw, we're working on it =)

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    Hello Michael,
    I am having the same issue as Ludek. I have the Behringer iStudio and am trying to do the 1 man band thing.
    You mention that there is a way to fix it in audio bus - how do you do that?

    For some background info:
    I have "The New iPad" which was released in between iPad 2 and Air.
    Loopy runs fine but when I use Audiobus, DM1 and BIAS FX, it is not stable enough for performance.
    I tried to do a similar thing with Ableton, but Latency is killing me when putting in drum loops, and setting up the midi control with the FCB1010 was getting very complicated.
    So I went back to the iStudio today and I had some success when I simply used my iPhone running garageband drums, putting the audio out into the iStudio and recording straight to loopy. worked out great!
    I just loaded up Loopy and used my physical pedal board, but then when I hit record I was getting only left or right channel recording... So I loaded up BIAS FX with no effects running and the app took the mono signal and duplicated it so when routed to loopy it was in stereo again.
    When I plugged in the Mic I had the same issue, so I loaded up Vocal Live which made the signal stereo, but there was a really obvious delay. I got audio bus to reduce the latency to 128 frames, which eliminated the delay but then Loopy was farting when trying to play back the loops….

    So yeah, I need to be able to make the mono channels sound stereo in loopy, and need the 2 inputs for guitar and mic. The physical solution would be to get a mixer, but it seems ridiculous because the iStudio essentially is a mixer… Thanks! C

    Update - Just found a work around.... In the input settings of Loopy just selecting the Left or Right Channel will make that input stereo, But it is an extra step which I would rather not be there.

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    There is an Easy solution if you route each input thru audiobus.

    This requires the multi-routing inn-app purchase.


    Put each channel into a separate audiobus chain to Loopy. These are the left and middle audiobus chains on my picture. Then to address @chadsell's issue, effects can be added to Loopy by adding a third audiobus chain which sends all Loopy audio signal thru audiobus again. My example shows a reverb, AUFX:Space put on Loopy's master output before sending signal to speakers.

  • Would this be the same setup if I want to send two sources, the onboard mic, and say drumjam, to one out, say garage band?

    How about using MiMixer? I just saw that app last night.

  • Yup, that would be the same setup.

    Loopy Masterpiece Edition is gonna be much more capable in this department; I'm actually considering adding an "automatic" mode that records each channel separately, then looks at which input channels have audio and keeps only those, so you don't actually have to choose anything. Still playing with that idea, though; stereo detection is difficult.

  • Sortof in a similar area, I'd like to be able to loop different sources, guitar, vocals, maybe acoustic percussion occasionally. I've been thinking the best/only way might be to use a mixer, and send an effect send to loopy. Then I'd just have to raise the level of what i want to send to the looper.

    But, if I have an interface with two channles, would it be possible to choose which source I want loopy to record?

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