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Probs with alesis io doc and tascam us-800

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Hi love loopy but it has a couple of issues with my setup.

When i use the alesis io dock .. I cant record guitar and mic seperatly, all pro audio gear can be used as mono or a stereo pair. In garage band u can select left right or stereo when recording same as in multitrack daw. I have recently upgraded to a tascam us-800 which has 8 inputs...under daw and garageband i can select what i want to record. Other apps record only the first inputs...loopy hd for some reason crashes.. It records a signal but refuses to play it back...if i export the audio i get error incorect number of audio channels and the app crashes.

Would it be possible to add an input selector for audio like daw and garageband have? Ideally id like to assign inputs with tracks or control which input source via midi,... But just having it record without crashing would be sweet ( btw i completely understand why u hadnt tested this senario as its only been possible for a short amount of time.)

An output selector would be good to ..

Unfourtunatly due to these issues i cant use loopy the way i intended yet.


Reference for multitrack daw selecting inputs http://forum.harmonicdog.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=656


  • Ah, yes! I haven't really gone down this track yet (to be honest, I didn't even know there were input devices with this many channels!). I'm already planning on adding support for the 2-input devices, but I'll make sure I expand that to devices with even more.

    A question: No promises, but out of curiosity, would you ever want to record more than one input at a time? (like, guitar and voice simultaneously, on 2 separate channels?) I was originally hoping to automatically select a channel for input, going by what's coming in (so, say, automatically switch to recording the left channel, if the right channel is silent), but if there's much demand for simultaneously recording multiple channels, then that might need a re-think.
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    I plan to use the two inputs with two different sources (two synths) and would be great to separate both channels, with separate effects chains, independent start-play, etc.
    I think the shame can be applied to guitar+voice and similar situations.
  • Hi michael,

    Thanks so much for your prompt responce...i know us users can be picky sometimes!

    A lot of audio software has been developed over years and its so great to see loopy work so well with a nice minimal interface.

    I would love to be able to record more than 1 channel at once to seperate tracks, however im not sure exactly how many other people would. I have a midi mixer setup that allows me to start recording easily and so i sometimes controll loopy that way.

    It wouldnt work so well for me having the input autoselected as i jam with friends who most likely would be still connected to the other inputs even when i didnt want to record them. For me i intend to use loopy to capture the best bits when we are jaming new ideas together and its almost perfect for this. Once someone has a good idea.. I hit the midi button and add the loop...if a different person wants to record next i could select another button. :)

  • I too would love to use my Tascam US800 to record multiple tracks at once with Loopy HD! I agree with Gsweeney's comments about workflow.... It seems like we share a similiar setup.
  • I've decided that I'll definitely be adding this feature shortly, so expect to see it soon =)
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