Orphion, Loopy or Audiobus Issue?

When Orphion is used (input slot) to trigger another synth (Sunrizer - input slot) with midi, Loopy doesn't understand it and will not record any audio. Once record is activated on the Audiobus control panel in Orphion, I am unable to deactivate recording - which is due to Loopy not receiving any information I believe. It just remains a lit orange circle until I return to Loopy to stop the empty loop. BUT It appears not to be a midi issue because if I remove Orphion from the input slot (leaving Sunrizer in) then Loopy recognizes the midi signals from Orphion to Sunrizer and loops record once again. Is this an Orphion, Audiobus or Loopy issue? Thanks.


  • If I were to try something like this, I would leave loopy's MIDI input turned off and send Orphion MIDI out directly to your synth MIDI in. Loopy doesn't actually pass thru MIDI notes. It just needs to be in the Audiobus output slot to record the audio from your synth. Happy music making!

  • The problem here is that Orphion's not sending any audio out, because it's audio engine is disabled when it's sending MIDI. You need to hook up, not Orphion, but the synth it's driving, because it's the synth that's making the sounds, not Orphion.

    Technically speaking, Orphion should be outputting silence, rather than no audio at all, so you should be able to get by having Orphion and Sunrizer/etc as the inputs, but as it is now, if you have Orphion connected and not sending audio, you're going to see some weird stuff.

    So: Connect the app that's actually outputting the audio to Loopy, and not the silent Orphion, and you'll be fine.

    PS. As @Hmtx said, Loopy doesn't know about MIDI notes; it's just an audio recorder.

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    Nope guys, this is a bug issue. Im aware of midi and audio differences. @Michael, I did mention that I did indeed hook up the synth. I am aware that loopy doesn't pick up midi but rather audio. So to clarify, it all works fine untill I put Orphion in the input slot as well. I need to do this because I need to hit record in the audiobus control panel while in Orphion. So if the synth alone is in the audio slot it does record the notes triggered by Orphion. But if I add Orphion as well to one of the input slots, it bugs out in loopy ( the record gets stuck to on).

  • From Sebastian at Audiobus: "I can reproduce this. I think this is a bug in loopy that occurs when MIDI is turned on in Loopy. It then disables its own audio engine and in the process of that kills its connection with Audiobus, which then causes these issues. I'm informing Bastus about this." So it appears to be an Orphion issue. I'll try turning loop midi off and see what happens @hmtx

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