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Does Yamaha mfc 05 midi controller work with loopy hd ?

edited May 2013 in Equipment

Does anybody know if mfc 05 controller works with loopy hd ?
@muzza : if i'm not wrong you have the mfc 10. It is right ? What do you think about the 05 ?


  • I didn't even know there WAS an MFC05.

    If its anything like the 10, it'll be wonderful. I just use it in a very basic way though. I haven't tried programming it because it does everything I need it to do 'out of the box'.

    I think it is better built and looks much nicer than the Behringer.

  • I just googled it. I'm guessing it would probably have the same circuitry as the 10 so there's no reason to think it WOULDN'T work with loopy.

    Although I'm currently only using Loopy and my foot controller at a very basic level, I've got a clear idea of what I EVENTUALLY want to do (involving Audiobus) and 5 buttons would fall short of requirements. Also, the built in expression pedal opens up even more possibilities.

  • I'm totally excited to receive my mfc 10 tomorrow..$125 used.

  • So what was the verdict with this unit? Have you tried it yet?

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