Has "lightning to usb camera cable" same function of cck

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I bought an ipad4 and i'm going to buy an audio device to finally play with loopy hd. Is "lightning to usb camera " the right cable to connect the audio device to ipad 4 ?


  • I use the lighting to USB cable to connect my iphone5 to my irig midi. I bought a cheap cable which didn't work so then I bought the expensive apple cable which does work.
    On the iPhone, the cable adaptor is the way to go because the block adaptor covers the headphone socket
    I use irig stomp to connect my guitar

  • Not sure if the 'Lightning to USB camera cable' would work with audio products. I already had a standard 30pin CCK, so when I upgraded to an iPad 4, I just bought a Lightning to 30 pin adaptor cable.

    I would /imagine/ it would work, but it's an expensive gamble...

    If I'd bought an adaptor block, the adapter/CCK/USB plug assembly would've stuck out about 75mm (3") - just begging to get broken off.

  • I'm using a direct USB out from my DIGITEC RP350 pedal unit, straight to the USB-Lightning adapter (original Appleware). And it works like a charm (maybe doesn't sound nice and perfect like an Apogee dedicated unit, but still does the trick for me)

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