Recording a longer loop

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Suppose you have a nice 1-bar or 2-bar groove running, and now you want to record a 4-bar or 8-bar loop. Here's what I tried:

1. Set the loop speed to x4 and have count-in on, and just tap. This works great BUT you have to wait 8 bars everytime before recording!
2. Set the loop speed to x4, tap, and then double-finger tap while still counting in. This works, but is tricky to get it starting exactly on top, and I dislike having to twist the loop to sync afterwards

I tried other things with double-finger tap, but I'm still trying to get my head around it. What would be nice is to have just a 1-bar count-in for a multibar loop. Is this making sense, or is there a way I have been missing? Any suggestions welcome.

Kind regards to all, and have fun!


  • One thing worth mentioning: If you disable count-in (or 2-finger tap, as you suggest, which does the same thing), then when you tap, it begins recording straight away. But, everything will still be in sync, as long as you perform your loop for the whole duration of the recording (that is, don't start recording before you start performing, and don't stop before recording ends). The start point of the loop doesn't actually matter, as long as you capture a whole loop.

    Someone else mentioned that they'd like a longer count-in, so perhaps I can think of a way to set the minimum and maximum count in duration...
  • Thanks Michael for the answer! Yes, you're right it's still in sync which is great. However, the start of the longer loop not being right at the top is kind of inconvenient when you stop and start the song, because the longer loop then doesn't start at the beginning. Maybe an option to show the begin-point of a loop, so that it's easy to twist very precisely to the top? Or even a button "set all loops' begninnings to top"!?

    adjustable count-in duration also sounds like a great idea!
  • Ah, of course - that would be a problem. I was planning on adding some kind of indicator to show the start of the loop, so perhaps that might help with that a little.

    I think the proper solution though might be to set the minimum count-in time, and use the lowest number of cycles of the base clock length greater than that minimum, rather than use the current clock length as the base for the count-in duration.
  • I agree 100%. Looking forward to the updates! Thanks for listening to your users!
  • Personally I think there is no reason to have a count in longer than 1 bar…
  • Fully agree with the 1-bar count-in as a default. Longer should IMO be an option.
  • Okay, that sounds sensible =)
  • You can have an otherwise invisible count in ball that you drag around to 4 or 8 compass points
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