Midi Mixer with FCB1010?

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I've been thinking about other looping pedals a lot recently, such as the EHX 2880. I was comparing loopy to such pedals and I was wondering if, on top of using a FCB midi foot pedal, you could also use some type of MIDI mixer for each individual track. So for example, when playing live you would use the foot controller to start and stop all the loops and then use the mixer to change levels, pan, ..etc. I'd like to just pretty much play live without having to touch my ipad screen completely. What do you guys think? For some reason I love to have tangible knobs and buttons, rather than messing with the screen. But I also like loopy's 9-12 track recording capabilities, unlike the 2880 which only has four. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions/experience with a MIDI mixer. Thanks.


  • You're looking at some kind of C/C and P/C unit like this one:


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  • I use my Axiom 25 Midi Controllers knobs to control the volume of each track and it works quite well. The Axiom only has 8 knobs so not enough to control every tracks pan and volume. That Novation looks pretty awesome.

  • And, if you want something cheap, reliable, and ultra compact, the Korg nanoKontrols are nifty. I recommend the older "version 1". More controls, and it does scenes.

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    Yep, I use the nanokontrol for this. I have channels 1-7 mapped to those tracks and the channel 8 assigned to 'current track'. Has knobs for pan and buttons for muting/clearing/whatever

  • Awesome, the novation looks pretty nice, but it's a bit pricey. I think I'll try out that nanoKonrol. Thanks for everyone's input.

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