Loopy + interface + softstep footpad?? Love the Duet... does the softstep work, too?

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Greetings... I have Loopy HD for iPad 2 (latest iOS)... connected to an Apogee Duet 2 audio interface... and trying to connect a softstep midi/usb foot pad. The Duet works great with Loopy / iPad in general... and I can get USB midi with my Axiom 25 keyboard through the duet into Loopy essentially plug and play... but I'm unable to get the softstep to send midi that Loopy can recognize. Has anyone been able to get the softstep to work with loopy through a duet interface? I wonder if I just have a faulty softstep, because it doesn't seem to send midi to anything, so far. Any suggestions?


  • Haven't used it with a Duet, but it does work just fine with Loopy. Use something like MIDI Monitor to see whats getting sent. Make sure your SoftStep is sending out MIDI signals OK .... it can be a tricky little bugger to set up correctly. Try sending note on/off messages, as well as CC. See if that makes a diff...

  • Hmmm... it seems the Softstep foot controler is just fine... (thanks for the midiMonitor tip) but for some reason, the Duet for iPad won't recognize any info from the softstep. The softstep works fine via the camera-usb adapter, but then I have no charge / stereo in -out. Currently I have tickets open with both Apogee and KMI to see if they can work out some sort of patch. I'm hoping some sort of update will get these two devices talking because its an ideal setup for Loopy. :) Does anyone else have an interface that works with Softstep and allows charge / audio in/out?

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    Just a question about duet 2, do you know if it work without powered hub ? I have na ipad 4 , do you know if duet could work just connecting to ipad ?

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    @continuous_loop Please keep us posted on your progress. The fact that the Duet can charge the iPad and also has that USB A connection is really great and I know of no other device that does this. I have been lusting over the Softstep lately too so I am interested in your findings.

    Do you think it would be possible to connect a USB hub to the Duets USB A port? I would actually need to connect two MIDI over USB devices - (ideally) a Softstep and my Fishman Triple Play receiver.

    What someone needs to make is a "made for iPad/iOS" certified USB hub designed for specifically iOS devices. Eliminate the CCK entirely, have a 30 pin (or lightning) connector that goes directly to a 4 port hub with an external power supply that both supplies bus power to any connected USB devices AND also charges the iPad/iOS device. Then you could use any combination of standard class-compliant USB/MIDI devices. If anyone reads this and makes it, I want royalties because it will be huge! :-)

  • I fell in love with the duet for ipad... it has just what I need... and I will likely keep it and just replace the softstep as I don't need that much horsepower under my feet. I've learned that as of today, the Apogee Duet for iPad will not talk to the KMI softstep foot controller. The apogee is a 'core midi' compliant device, whereas the KMI is 'class' compliant' and apparently the two are different and so the KMI only works through the USB camera adapter interface. All other midi devices seem to work just fine with the Apogee... so I will hang onto it and find a different foot pad until an update happens. I'll keep you posted.

  • I can say for sure "No" on the USB hub question. I've tried it and it doesn't work. The documentation states pretty clearly that the port is just for midi... and 'core Midi' specifically. However, if you do get a device connected to the "A" style duet port... then you can use the connected device's connections (if it has any) for additional midi via standard cables.

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    Thanks for the info! I'm looking for a good deal on a softstep. I'd even be willing to trade you a Behringer FCB1010 and an EMU xMIDI USB/MIDI cable towards it. Looks like the cable is Core Midi compatible (see link below). It has been awesome so far and is fast with no noticible latency but I am just geeking over the softstep lately and gotta try one. Let me know if interested!

  • Duet doesn't work with the 12 step or softstep. SO frustrating.

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