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Hi, I just started playing with my new iRig midi and FCB1010. Is there any way to while I am recording a track with my guitar, and I make a mistake, to press a button which will stop the recording (without it playing back) and on the next beginning of the loop to start the recording again. I tried many options but can't seem to find it.
This would be crucial if I want to bring this on stage. Thanks


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    You can assign re record and clear track to a midi binding for your FCB.

    However,this will affect the entire track you are working with. So, if you make a mistake whilst overdubbing the only option is to get rid of everything (on that track) and start the track again.

    If you look up A Tasty Pixel on Facebook there is a poll for requested features - Michael, the developer is very engaged - and 'undo' is the most requested at the moment. Hopefully this will be a feature in the future.

    In the meantime, I find that there are so many available tracks that I don't overdub heaps anyway. If I mess up I just redo the track and not the other tracks I've built up.

    Hope this helps :)

  • It affecting my whole track is not the problem. The problem is, it needs to be the selected track first. Meaning pressing "select next track" many times before. Then when i make a recording mistake i need to "cancel record", which will automatically play back the failed recording. Then i have to quickly mute it, and double press the "cancel record" to rerecord, which will make the loop record the same length as the the previous failed record (usually 1/4th, 2/4 or 3/4th of the original loop length).
    Adding an extra binding to clear track doesn't really improve functionality, and also, the fcb1010 just has so many buttons. (i'm switching between 2 banks already).

    A "cancel current record, delete, and record again on next loop" would be the solution.

  • I think the problem might be that rerecord doesn't cancel in-progress recordings - rather, it just stops recording and starts playback. This is probably the wrong behaviour: It should clear the track immediately and schedule recording for the next cycle. I'm gonna work on this.

  • Re the selection thing, one suggestion has been to have the selection change automatically based on other actions, such as recording, muting, or otherwise modifying a loop. Michael has said this would require a bit of figuring, since it would be hard to figure out which actions should "intuitively" cause the loop to be selected.

  • Speaking of which - the next version should do this. It's already automatically selecting tracks that're recorded, and seems to work decently.

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