How to assign RC-300 Footpedal

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I own an BOSS RC-300 looper, but I am not happy with the recording quality. So I found Loop HD on iPAD and invest some money to get a good USB Interface. I still read some threats about Loopy HD but still have question, maybe you can help?

My equipment:
iPad2 / Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 / BOSS RC-300 (as a foot pedal?)

I want to use the RC-300 as a 'foot pedal' - from the manual of the RC-300, it should be possible to send MIDI messages.
Link to manual (Please find site 38):

But I have no idea how to assign the 3 available pedals to Loopy HD. Because of my 'working (looping) routine', I would assign 1 start/stop pedal to 1 start/stop track to Loopy HD. At a starting point I connect the RC-300 MIDI OUT to the Focusrite MIDI IN.

Please could somebody help me (maybe with a step-by-step instruction) to get things work?
Thank you!

Best regards


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