iPod 5g bug

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Hi Michael,
Since the last update to 1.4 the ipod 5 has some weird behaviour.
When i plug in speakers everything is ok. But when i play out of the internal speaker, anything recorded with my guitar will not be heard when played back. The sound imported from drumjam is played normally, same as any sounds recorded with the iPods microphone.
Also, is there any possibility on shortening the latency? It is playable when using jamup-audiobus-loopy on 256 frames, but disturbing when playing advanced stuff.


  • Hi Tom,

    Can you provide any more details? How's your guitar connected to the Touch when you're playing though the internal speakers?

    I've seen a number of reports that the iPod Touch 5 has problems with latency - I'm afraid this appears to be hardware issue, so there's not a great deal we devs can do about it.

  • I mean, when i have several loops prerecorded, and then disconnect the speakers. Then if i want to let somebody hear what i recorded, with the sound coming from the internal speaker. The sound from drumjam plays, also sounds recorded with the iPod microphone. But anything previously recorded with the iRig (actually a Cherub GB2I, which works perfectly) is not played back from the internal speakers.
    This problem does not exist on the iPod 4th gen.

    The latency on the iPod 5 while using Jamup pro is unnoticable, and plays very nice. When i use only Loopy, it works perfect also. But when i connect the 2 using audiobus the latency is noticeable.
    I must say, it is about the same latency as when i connect my ipods together. Having my iPod 5 using Jamup and iPod 4 using Loopy.

    I can't get my setup to work on my girlfriends iPad 3. When i plugin my Cherub, i only get noise. Whether i use ampkit, Amplitube, Jamup or Loopy. When i plug it back into my iPod the sound is normal again. If anyone knows a solution to this, I could compare the latency with the iPad.

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