Using Loopy for switching between verse and chorus

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Hi there!

First of all, great app... I was so looking for something like that.

I have a question, but it's a bit complicated so please bear with me:

Imagine you play live. You record a rythm that you will keep throughout the song (track 1). Then you record a verse (Say guitar chords on track 2). So far so good.

But then, while keeping the rythm, you want to switch to chorus, but you don't want the transition to be abrupt. So ideally, you would trigger some button that tells the looper to play the "verse" loop just one last time and then to start recording on a track 3... still following?

If you want a demonstration of what I'm talking about, check on youtube the demo video for the Boomerang III looper.

Is this possible on loopy or could it constitute a further upgrade!

Such a feature would make Loopy the most killer app of all killer apps!

Cheers and thanks again for all this!



  • I posted too fast! I didn't realise Count-in/out mut allozed just that! Great!!!
  • I love the support/feedback requests that solve themselves ;-)
  • I have been pondering how to ask this exact question! Great great news! Now I need a midi foot controller!
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