Drum Machine DM1, iElectribe, Molten, etc. - MIDI Sync issues? Recording the first loop

I usually start my loopy sessions with a beat from a drum machine. So far, the only reliable way to do this seems to use audio copy and paste.

What I'd like to do is have loopy receive the MIDI tempo sync ( yes, I set the menus of both apps ) from DM1 to start it's clock, and then hit record to get one perfectly tempo aligned loop ( as on Ableton or a Kaoss pad ) that stops at the end of the bar, beginning the session, then record more beats, and whatever else live.

Am I missing the obvious here? I just can't get it to work, especially for that important "first loop".


  • Most of my loops are from analog input and controlled via MIDI foot controller. Haven't used MIDI tempo sync. If you have a MIDI controller ( or maybe use an App with MIDI out) and bind a MIDI command to both, to start the drum machine and start loopy recording, you might achieve it. Just a thought.

  • I often do the same with dm1 and funkbox without problem. There was an issue in the previous release but that's sorted for me. Only difference is I set loopy to be the clock master.

  • I am having this same issue. Seems there is a latency issue with the clock sync. Happens for me no matter which app is the master.

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    Okay, if you set DM1 to follow Loopy's tempo, you can do it - but you MUST SET a tempo in Loopy beforehand, by using the tempo slider, or tapping a tempo. ( Because Loopy empty of loops exists in a state of nil "clock not set" tempo - I didn't
    get this" at first. )

    I fixed some drift once by stopping and starting the Play triangle on Loopy's sidebar?

    You may get some sync drift if you change the tempo after the initial loop, but this could be occurring within either program?

    iElectribe I still haven't gotten consistent results from, outside of AudioCopy, or just "beatmatching by ear".

  • My problem with sync drift occurs immediately. I will hit "play" on the loopy session and it will immediately be slightly out of sync. The tempo is the same, it appears to just be the "start playback" command getting sent slightly out of time.

  • I have same problems. Loopy is very hit and miss. No ability to get loops exact. No ability to speed up or slow down individual loops once sampled, no ability to edit loops, no ability to "rotate" loops to change their starting point...
    I made all these suggestions to developer and was basically poo-poo'd.
    This app is clearly a toy, not a tool.

  • Oh... Hello again, andynan! Since you found the need to post the same thing in two threads, let me say it again here: go thru all the in app tutorials, they're pretty helpful.

    Also there is a Facebook poll where the dev is actively listening to user requests, I'd suggest voting for editing loops and individual loop speed options.

    Your other problems should be solvable by currently available Loopy features.

  • I'm just taking a look at the MIDI sync issues now. I'll see if there's something that can be done about improving reliability.

  • So I thought I'd sync loopy to our guitarists iPhone so that he can have a click track. But it's a bit hit and miss. Then i look at the forum and you're already onto it! Awesome I thought I'd give you some info in case it's useful.

    Running loopy on my iPhone 4s and iPod 3G - if the phone is the master (clock out) loopy runs mostly in sync. If the iPod is the master the phone always runs a split second behind. If I slave another app ( like beat maker 2) it always runs a long way behind.

    Thanks heaps!

  • Thanks for the info, @potsy!

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