Does apogee duet work for ipad 2 ?

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Hi everybody!
Yesterday i tried in a shop the apogee duet, when i powered it with his power pack ipad told me that it can not be used because takes to many energy, very strange ! after i tried connecting it by a powered hub and it seems to work but it asked me to register on line and it was not possible without buy it.
Does somebody know if it work for sure with ipad 2 ?

And i saw that it doesn't have the midi connection in default, if you want you have to buy a box where you have a usb midi connection, is fbc compatible with this ?

Is this this expensive audio interface really better than a roland ua55 or a focus right 2i4 for live performances ?

Thank you all :)


  • You need a powered USB hub to use the duet.

    As long as the "box" you are describing is class compliant, it should work.

    Is this interface better than the interfaces you mentioned? I don't have specific experience, but I'd say probably not.

  • I'm assuming you were looking at the newest version of the "Duet." I was bummed because I bought the original version last year, just two months before they updated it to work with iOS devices. And, the original Duet can't be upgraded. Wah!!

  • Ok better a roland ua 55 with power battery inside so i don't need a powered hub and is cheaper :)

    Thank you all

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