CC Pick Up mode Feature Request .( stop values jumping )

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CC Pick Up mode Feature Request .( stop values jumping )

Pick Up mode stops MIDI CC values jumping wildly as it keeps the parameter from changing until the knob's value = the current parameter value.
A common feature in both hard and software ; where physical knobs/faders/pedals are used to address more than one parameter
( over different channels or via sub menus) so on switching back to a previous parameter there is a disparity between knob position and current parameter value.

So with NO Pick Up mode the moment you start turning the knob the e.g Volume will jump immediately to that new value/knob position with sudden burst/drop . WITH PickUp the parameter waits until the knob position RE-matches its' value then changes ...smoothly.

As I map Vol /Pan CC parameters to multichannel controllers this would be very useful for me , and I imagine many other Loopy users . I've added the request to the Facebook features POLL and ask all those who would find it useful to vote for it

though <<"secretly" >> hope Michael will just realise its' importance and consider it a tweak to existing code and implement immediately as an option in midi page <<"/secretly">>." (Cheeky thumbsupsmileywinkface icon thingy )

Thanks Michael / All


  • Cheers Wally! Yeah, this is on my todo list, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll check it out soon.

  • i totally agree with wally. cc pick up is a standard in midi control. and it would be very nice to have it implemented in a close future.

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