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Is anyone using the BT-105 with a pair of Boss FS-6 pedals? How do you configure them (I have a RC50 atm, and I want to use Loopy at opens mics. I mainly use loops I have already put together, some in verse/ chorus / break layouts, and some in Drums, Bass, Rhythm type layouts. I already have the Boss pedals to support the RC-50.

With Loopy set up to run in background mode, will it still respond to bluetooth?

Also is there an actual user manual for loopy, or am I missing it?

Thanks for any info

Cheers Grif.


  • I don't have and have not used the Airturn, but I believe it send key strokes via Bluetooth and Bluetooth keyboards only work on the App that's in the foreground (visible). So I think you will have to have Loopy on top to use the Airturn.

    No user manual, but there is the builtin Help and some videos.

  • You have to bind it as a QWERTY Keyboard binding via bluetooth.
    The BT-105, having briefly owned one, is just a glorified UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT that connects as if it were a keyboard.

  • I am using this combo.

    Still getting the hang of the timings. Especially for the bast loop.(1st loop)

    I was having issues with getting all the 4 buttons to work but then realized that I had to hold down the A pedal on both FS-6's while turning on the Airturn.

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