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Request: Active track parameters emergent panel

edited January 2012 in Support and Feedback
The app will evolve, and will acquire new features. The effects will be the first example.

I see that, although with good functional and aesthetic criteria, you are questioning the inclusion of some interesting features, that gradually would lead the app to a very professional level.
It is also convenient to have quick access to some of those functions, but it could spoil the minimalist look of the main panel.

I think the solution could be a popup panel (as the current ones) for the parameters of the track.
Access should be fast. Perhaps with a touch of two fingers on the track.

Also, in order to get quick access to specific parameters (which also will vary depending on situation) I would propose the option of marking any parameter (with an unobtrusive selection box or similar) to make it appear in the main panel on the respective track, in a similar way to how we now control the volume or pan.

To access it, maybe we could use a gesture. For example, touch in the middle of the track, and then slide to one side.
We could have up to four parameters depending on the direction toward which made ​​the gesture.
Anyway, would be ideal to have them present simultaneously, using each one a part of the track. Sure we want to have that, for example to play with effects live.
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