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I just spent an hour testing Loopy on my iphone. Just what I was looking for.
I loaded up a 53mb wav file, and managed to get it on 6 pads before it freaked.
I am going to use this app live in a gig I do once a month when I play by myself, to get used to using an iphone.Wow, an iphone. Who woulda thought.
The file was a guitar, bass, drum recording that I will chop into sections for repeat of chorus, intro, outro etc. I will add some synth sounds as well.
I will probably never use most of the features on Loopy, but I am pleased so far. I am not real technical, unless I have to learn something that I need. Great selling point to a lot of us.
I would however, like to be able to load large files on all twelve pads. Maybe an update? Maybe advice?
I still have a lot of testing on moving into song parts, but at the moment I am a happy looper.
Good work!!


  • Hey Conens - glad to hear you like it!

    The bad news is that Loopy (and really, loopers in general) aren't really designed to play loops of that size (what's that, about 5 minutes of audio?). Usually, a loop will be 1 bar to, say, 16 bars in length (check out some of the user videos on http://loopyapp.com/featured-artists for examples). Perhaps you should take a look at some of the DJ apps, which are more designed for playing whole songs, rather than their constituent bits?
  • That is the problem I found with loopers, except Looptastic.
    For my live act I need to have a couple of long base tracks for each theme, and then I can work in generate new loops and improvise with the synths.
    So I have a big dilemma, because I love the easy way of Loopy to record and play loops.
  • Hmm. I'm open to considering optimising the app for longer tracks (playing them from disk, instead of loading them into memory)...
  • Shazbot!!!
    And it seemed to work so well.
    Am I endangering my iphone by using Loopy in this manner?
    Thanks for your input, can you recommend a DJ app that is similar in functionality, you know like, push the button.
  • Hehe - no, you won't damage it! It's just that Loopy, being optimised for shorter loop lengths, keeps the loop data in memory instead of decoding it off the disk all the time. So, if you're going to have 12 * 5 minute loops loaded up, you'll very quickly exhaust the device's memory (which causes Loopy to be force-quit by the system).

    I'm considering the possibility of detecting longer loops, and keeping them on disk, so this isn't a problem. You're not the first person I've heard trying to use Loopy this way, and although it's most definitely not what it's designed for, it might not be too hard to support the special case. Stay tuned.

    (No idea about other apps, though, I'm afraid)
  • Well, that's good news!
    I will be loading one signature file most of the time with smaller files for different musical interludes and excursions, and as I learn Loopy I will probably venture out into deeper waters.
    I am encouraged!

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