Timing issues with 1.4

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FYI I just updated, and nothing worked (literally.. it kept recording empty loops) until I deleted and reinstalled.

After reinstalling I notice 2 issues:

I use 'synchronize tracks' but clock in/out is disabled. Now when recording a loop, it starts and stops when clicked -- as expected -- but with the new behavior it looks to realign the loop so that the start is at the top of the circle. there is an audible delay while it lines the audio up. (this is using audiobus)

Also -- this may have been an issue previously -- sync with DM1 (the drum machine app) does not function at all. It looks like I can have DM1 drive the clock on other apps, but Loopy and DM1 are out of sync regardless of which I set as the master clock.



  • I am seeing something similar with DM1. It is always very slightly out of sync. Not sure if it's a loopy issue, DM1 issue, or iOS issue.

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