Track numbering

I was talking in this discussion about muting multiple tracks at once, and I started to post this there but decided a new discussion was warranted.

Why is "select next track" orientation-dependent but track numbering isn't? This is very confusing to me. If I record three loops in a row from another app (using audiobus to trigger the recording), the loops record sequentially (1,2,3,etc.), but when I'm using the app in landscape mode, if I select the "next" track, they record in this sequence: 3,6,9,12,2,5,8, etc. I would leave it up to Michael to decide exactly how to address this issue, because there is no perfect solution. I suppose you could say there is no issue, this is just the chosen implementation.

I understand the inclination to avoid clutter, but things that have such a fundamental impact on the way the program works deserve a menu option, in my opinion. The simplest option would be something like "Next and previous actions follow track numbering." A more complex way to go would be to allow different track numbering modes, such as top-left to bottom-right, etc. With this you would probably also need an option for existing sessions, something like "Do you want to re-order the tracks in existing sessions to reflect the updated track numbering?" I'd imagine that route could get pretty complicated, so I'd be fine with the simpler system.

Also, I would still like to see an option to let the entire interface rotate instead of just the current system. It's very confusing to do a session in one orientation and then open it in another.


  • I agree that it's a little strange as it is, but I don't think it's near the top of the list. I was surprised to see that in landscape mode, loop 1 was in the bottom left! Not a big deal for me, but my io dock does look a bit silly rigged to be in portrait.

  • Maybe not near the top of the list, but I do think it presents a significant workflow discontinuity.

  • Simple solution, screen lock your iPad in portrait mode, then when you flip it to landscape, nothing moves. But yes, control icons are sideways and loops start at 3 o'clock instead of 12.

    I did have a convo with Michael somewhere on the forum a few months ago about this and learned it was a deliberate design. Let me see if I can find it.

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