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First equipement to play with loopy hd

edited April 2013 in Equipment

Hello, I'm a double bass player and singer, i have an ipad 2 and i woul like to performe live using loopy but is my first time i play with an ipad. When I put the jack in irig and used loopy hd i had some noise. Can i know the best cable to use (in/out) and what i need to play live with good sound in the clubs ?


  • Hi. You might search the forum for 'dock' or 'hardware' or 'interface' to see some previous recommendations.

    For good sound, you want an interface that connects to the dock, not the headphone jack.

  • If you just need an input for your bass, I'd recommend Apogee Jam. It's very clean and has a great sound for guitar and bass.

  • thank you so much!

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