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Itunes uploads loops to Imatch in the Cloud

There has to be a better way to add the loops then the current method that I used via the FAQ. Now my loops are being uploaded with my songs into the iMatch Apple cloud. We shouldn't have a situation where loops are being treated like songs by Apple!


  • Think that's just the way iCloud works if you have 'documents and data' turned on. It would be smashing of Apple were they to allow you to turn off certain apps. My Loopy and Nanostudio backups would crush my iCloud limit before they were finished uploading so I just have it off. Would love to have it on for everything else though.

  • Justo to clarify, this has nothing to do with iTunes Match. There is no way for what you are describing to happen. I think @syrupcore's suggestion that they are syncing through docs and data option is the most likely.

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