Am i missing something?

so i just started using loopy with my other hardware and i cannot for the love of god arm a track without starting playback, extremely annoying in some cases.
to clarify; loopy is slaved to irig midi and everything works fine BUT when i try to arm the next track loopy starts playing, even though it should be slaved to midi clock.
this would problably not bother anyone that is "looping" live but i do not....
in other cases i could just keep the clock running and use the count in recording to time it, but then i get delays and releases leaking over.
hopefully i made myself clear:D


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    What exactly do you mean "arm" the track? Do you mean you want it to start recording at the beginning of the next loop cycle? If so, make sure you have "count-in" recording enabled in the "track management" section of the settings menu.

  • Hi Nextyoyoma.
    with "arm" i mean "make ready for recording", i would like to do that without starting playback.
    in short i want choose a (while playback i stopped) and then start a pattern on my drum machine.
    what happens is that loopy starts as soon as i choose a track, and since loopy(or my ipad) is not the midi master i would prefer if the playback/recording waited until i started my master clock.

  • I'm still not really sure what you are trying to do. There is nothing to do to make a track "ready" to record. If you are syncing a MIDI clock from another device, you can go ahead and start the session, then just punch in when you are ready to record. If you have count-in recording enabled, the recording will not start until the beginning of the next loop cycle. If you have count-out recording enabled, recording will stop automatically at the end of the loop cycle.

    If this doesn't make sense, can you walk us through the exact sequence of events you are trying to use?

  • Yeah, true Loopy doesn't need to be armed like some other loopers. If you are using midi binding,though, you can use select track and then hit record separately if you want.

  • thank for the replies, i understand that this is a small problem and kinda outside of "looper functionality"
    what i want to do is record a sequenced synth line without delay/reverb "leaking" from the previous loop cycle.
    what happens is:
    1. i hit a track, it starts recording and loopy start playing back(though slaved)
    2. i start my midi master, loopys playback jumps to the start, but since the track i wanted to record on already started recording i get silence in the beginning.
    3. the recording does not count, though specified.

    it is really a minimal problem and ive moved past it, you should not waste brainpower on my inability to explain(/use loopy) :D

  • Haha, well, glad you found a workaround. I really still don't understand what was going on, but as long as you are happy... :)

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