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I would like to get into some live looping but don't want to shell out the money for a boss rc-300. I already own an ipad 2, an 1st generation Axiom 25, and a peavey pv-14 USB mixer.

My question would be will hooking up my axion 25 into the CCK work and then plug a FCB1010 into the midi on the axiom to use it to control loopy? Then I could use a powered USB hub and plug my pv-14 in for my input in loopy.

Thanks for your help.


  • All devices plugged in must be class-compliant in order for the iPad to recognize them. In other words, no drivers can be downloaded. I'm thinking that if all are CC, it might work. But you're better off buying a M-AUDIO ONO 1X1 to go from your FCB1010 to iPad. Mine works fantastic that way.

  • I was trying not to buy anything extra and just use the hardware I already have. I have not seen many people talking about the Axiom 25 and the IPAD. Mostly the 49 and 61 key models.
    How do I tell if the Axiom 25 is Class Compliant?

  • Thanks for your help. I had read the user guide but I guess I did not see that part. I am going to pull the trigger on a camera connection kit to make sure my Peavy PV-14 USB interface will work as my audio interface before I spend the money on the FCB1010.

  • Hey if anybody is searching or cares. Here is my current setup and it works great so far.

    I have a cheap CCK from amazon. I have a USB powered hub with my 1st Gen Axiom 25 and my PV-14 mixer plugged in. I have my FCB1010 plugged into my Axiom 25. All running into my Ipad. With a little more practice I hope to record a video soon.

    My next item to purchase is a 61-key keyboard. thinking about the Yamaha PSR-e433. Something that has its own sounds I can learn on and run into my mixer to use it with loopy as well.

  • Cool! Glad it's working out

  • Hey, have you assigned any loopy bindings to the pads and/or knobs on the axiom?

  • For the PADs I figured out that you have to press and hold the pad you want to assign then click save new binding. IT will say something to the effect of On in the binding section.

    I am trying to figure out the knobs. When I assign one it does not adjust correctly. It only goes up or down to .2 db. I think some configuration needs to be adjusted in the controller. When i figure it out I will post the results.

  • Ok. I sort of figured out the knobs. You need to make sure you are on the correct preset. Preset 1 will not work. I tried preset 16 but I am sure others would work.

    The only issue is that the knob keeps the last value it was set at and I am not sure how or if you can change it. example if you wanted to set one knob to adjust volume of the selected track and then selected another track, whatever value you selected for the previous track will be the next tracks starting point. Which is not a big deal since the Axiom has 8 knobs.

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    @ Gmslayton - That is the way it currently works. You can get around this by binding to the specific track instead of to Selected track. Of course this limits you to 8 track specific bindings with your controller.

    There was a short discussion about MIDI CC pickup values

    If interested in this function, vote for it on the facebook Poll

  • Thanks for the information. I had figured that out about specific tracks thing. My Axiom knobs still defaults to 0 on the knobs until i turn them. I am still learning all this Midi stuff although the FCB1010 was not as hard to program manually as everyone was making it out to be.

    The MidiCC pickup values would be nice. I voted for it.

    I mainly wanted to fool around with some looping but did not want to spend a ton of money on an RC-300. With the FCB1010 and the axiom it has way more capabilities than the RC-300 ever thought about.

    I would like to eventually use it live at church but I need to figure out a road case to house everything in neatly and efficiently. I might need to scale down to a smaller audio interface too.

  • My axiom 25 works flawlessly through my Apogee Duet 2 interface on an iPad 2. -- I also own a RC-300 which I now never use. :)

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