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Loud Fuzz when Navigating back or receiving Notification

Let me just start by saying I LOVE the loopy app and can't wait to use it all the time, so this post is just to help improve the app.
Im using Loopy HD with the IODock. It seems when I navigate away from the app and go back by tapping the red (recording) menu bar at the top a loud fuzz comes out of the speakers that I have hooked up. The only other time this has occurred is when I got an email, as soon as it dismissed itself the fuzz began. A small glitch but one that would totally kill the mood in a live setting.
Thanks for the app!


  • Cheers, Sean!
    That's odd, I'm sorry to hear that! Does it happen every time you switch back to the app this way? Once it starts fuzzing, is it just a short glitch, or does it remain, overlaid on the audio? Does it happen with any other apps?
  • Yes it seems to happen every time I switch back this way, which is weird because there's no problem coming back using the multitask bar or clicking on the icon. As for the fuzz, it keeps going until I close the app (just hitting the home button I mean, not x'ing it). I tested it out with GarageBand and it doesn't happen with it. I have no other apps that give me the red bar at the top to test with. Thanks again.
  • For some reason that reminds me of the "doctor, it hurts when I do this"/"then don't do that" gag =)

    That's very strange behaviour - honestly, it sounds like an iOS bug to me, as there's no difference within Loopy whether the app's activated via the red bar, or by the app switcher.

    That said, I will definitely keep a close eye on it.
  • Haha ya I guess I just won't do it. Thanks.
  • I get this too, pretty frequently. It often happens when I save the session. Usually have to force the app to quit to get it to stop, and it's extremely loud through a pair of headphones. My other issue is that I sometimes get a crackling sound in the incoming audio (from iodock) and it will go away if I force quit loopy and restart, so I know it's coming from the app not the interface. I'm running regular loopy on an iPad 2 with iOS 5.
  • This is an iO dock issue with the way iOS 5 works with the connector. It is reported to be fixed with the release of iOS 5.1. I have found that if I shut down everything except Loopy, restart the Dock and the iPad, and ONLY use Loopy, that it will work fine until such time as I exit and open any other app. If you can live without using anything else during your Loopy time, you should be OK.

    PS Michael, any idea when 5.1 is coming out for the public? Do you have the inside track?
  • @TheFrapp - Not too far off, I think! They're on the 3rd private beta, which is usually a good sign they're getting there. Of course, this stuff's pretty hard to predict, but I'd be starting to keep an eye out for the upgrade notice over the next two, maybe three weeks.
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