Loopy + Audiobus + MIDI foot controller integration.

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I downloaded Audiobus the other day, not sure why, but it was 1/2 price and you guys all seem to rave about it.

I'm using a Presonus 22VSL and a Yamaha MFC10 foot controller & I love both. I eventually want to plug my mic into one input and my acoustic into the other and work out how to loop either independently. The foot controller is primarily to control Loopy, but I was wondering if I could somehow control just the guitar's volume with the expression pedal, not Loopy, so I can boost the volume a little if I'm doing a lead break and drop it if I'm thrashing it.

Is this the sort of thing Audiobus is for?


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    @muzza - AudioBus (or AB as it seems most are using) does not affect the Audio passing through it directly. It is only a means of getting audio from iOS Apps Into and Out of each other. And that is a very BIG thing!

    example: you could play your guitar through JamUp XT (AB input) and record it in Loopy (AB output). JamUp XT has Midi bindings for Volume, so you could use your FCB1010 to control the volume of the JamUp XT.

    Drop into the AudioBus Forums for more ideas on the possibilities AB opens up.

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    Thanks again @Ganthofer. I will drop in soon.

    I've got some more Loopy learning to do before I branch out. (I also bought JamUp XT and Multitrack DAW - so I might've overloaded myself on learning curves!)

  • I hope you still have your yamaha because I love mine.

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