Help a MIDI newb understand a few things

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Ok, these are really basic questions, but I have absolutely no experience with MIDI, so I would appreciate a little guidance. I just purchased an Alesis iO4 and an FCB1010. So...

1) I currently have the FCB plugged into the midi in on the io4. I can see the midi in LED flash when I send a CC message from the FCB, but the midi out does not illuminate. Loopy is apparently not receiving the message. Do I need to also connect a midi/USB cable from the MIDI out on the io4 to the ipad via a powered hub? Or does the midi information get transmitted over the existing USB connection? If the latter is the case then, I must be doing something else wrong...

2) Such as the CC I am sending. Does it matter what control number I send, and what value I send? If it isn't obvious, I don't exactly understand what loopy is looking for.

I guess I don't really grasp the mechanics of what is happening. I know there are lots of sources out there but I don't know where to start. Thanks in advance.


  • No, you shouldn't need another cable. Get a free midi app like Midi monitor and see if that sees your incoming midi signal. Just as a place to start debugging this.

  • Have you programmed your FCB?

  • Ok, I stupidly missed that you have to set the bindings through the midi menu, not the key bindings menu. I was using a Bluetooth pedal before, so I just went back there.

    I did get everything working. I have two questions that I could probably figure out through experimentation, but it would save time if someone knows the answer.

    1) when you assign multiple messages to one preset, in what order are they processed? I have an FCB1010' and there are 4 (I think, I'm not home atm) PC messages you can send. Are they executed in numerical order, or all at once?

    2) Is it normal behavior that cancel pending actions does not cancel recording on a selected track?

  • @Nextyoyoma -

    assuming you have standard prom (2.5.1E) not UNO

    • towards 1, they are sent sequentially (serial, one after another)

      • If you only send PC's then they are sent in order, on after the other
      • If you send the PC's and 1 or 2 CC's, then PC's 1-4 are sent, followed by the CC's the PC (5)
      • If you send the Note On/Off it gets sent last
    • towards 2 - I have not used the "cancel pending", but my impression is that once recording is started, it is no longer "pending". I am not sure what actions can be or are que'd up and there for would be "pending" and possible to cancel.

    @Michael - perhaps you can clarify what "pending" is and an example?

  • @Ganthofer - sorry about the delay; "Pending" refers to events that are scheduled, like counting-in or counting-out recordings, counting-in or counting-out mutes, in-progress fades, etc. So if you're counting in to a record and you cancel pending actions, the count-out will cancel and the record will never happen.

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