Which audio interface?

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Until now I have been using an Apogee Jam and a Pageflip Cicada, but I'm getting frustrated with the lack of options when you only have two actions you can assign. I decided it's time to move up to a FCB1010. Which audio interface do you all suggest for connecting the pedal and my instrument? I am leaning toward the Alesis iO4.

One thing I really like about the bluetooth pedal and the jam is that I don't HAVE to have external power. If I just want to jam and hear it through the iPad or headphones, I don't have to be tied to a power outlet. Unless one of you has a very creative solution, I guess I'll be giving up this possibility?


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    Lots of threads on this forum for you to peruse:


    I think there is a Roland 2in/2out interface that can run off battery if you really want the free-from-power-outlet option. It has standard 5 pin MIDI too, I haven't heard how well it performs...


  • I have an Apogee Duet 2 connected to an iPad2 and it's awesome. It was pricey, but one of those things you just never regret. I also own a Roland RC-300 loop station, which is collecting dust these days... Loopy, when combined with a pro-audio interface, is currently unbeatable, IMO. Absolutely amazing software.

  • Nice, @continuous_loop! Personally, I'd like to see more sounds, videos from people like you who are hardware loopers switching to Loopy. Got a soundcloud or YouTube channel?

  • Hi Hmtx,

    I recorded my whole album using loopy HD. you can stream it here for free to get an idea whats possible with loopy.

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    Sure... glad to share. Only the latest 2-3 tracks were created with Loopy... the rest were done with a RC-300 loop station. http://www.soundcloud.com/openended-2/sets/recent-experiments/ No haters pls.

  • Hi Nextyoyoma,

    I'm in your same situation, I'have bene looking on youtube and on forums for one month to understand the right device. Maybe the best for live performance(if you Want to do without power supply) is roland ua 22.Tomorrow I'll try the roland ua 55 (is quiet the same of ua 22 but with Powered hub) in a shop... I'll tell you my experience.

  • @continuous_loop

    Do you know if duet 2 work with out powered hub ? I have an ipad 4 and i would like to know if work without because is my first need. I'm choosing betwen duet 2 and roland ua 22 capture.
    Thanks for all

  • Hi there, sorry, late to this thread. I've been using the Alesis iO dock with an iPad 2. Works well.

  • Ok, just noticed that you're using an iPad 4, which won't connect to the io dock....forget my earlier comment!

  • Just get a Presonus 22VSL and get on with it. (You'll need a powered hub, CCK and a Lightning to 30 pin adapter cable.)

    The above system works really well and the Presonus has great preamps. I'm surprised more people don't use them.

    (No, you can't have mine coz I've decided to keep both.)

  • @muzza, I was going to ask about your 22VSL ;-)

    The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is another "buy it and get on with it" option. Retail $200, but got mine for $110 from B&H Online. I'm really happy with performance, using CCK and a cheap powered USB hub.

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