FAQ: Differences between Loopy and Loopy HD?

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I am looking forward to getting either Loopy or Loopy HD, but am not clear about their difference (so I decide which one to get).

Does anyone know what the exact differences are, in terms of features, from Loopy and Loopy HD?

So far, from the features on the iTunes store, for each app, my perception is that the only difference between both versions is that Loopy HD has the possibility of recording 9 or 12 loops, where Loopy is limited to recording 6 loops.

Thanks for your help in clarifying this to me, I appreciate it.



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    Hi Ricardo,

    Loopy HD on iPhone is the same as Loopy on iPhone, so no changes there - it's not for iPhone users, but if iPad users have an iPhone, they don't have to buy twice.
    Loopy HD on iPad is iPad native, so no pixel doubling/etc, and it's specifically designed for the larger form factor.
  • Hey Michael!

    Thanks for clarifying this for me!

  • Thanks for making then HD version universal, great choice!
  • My pleasure, @Opspin - thanks for saying! =)
  • Hmmmm, I bought the iphone-version first (Loopy) and now I can't get the HD-version for free :-(

  • Same here raybo66 except Ive had the ipad version for a while and now I have to pay for the iphone version. Which incidently I dont mind at all! :)

  • @Rust4o4 No need to pay for the iPhone version! Loopy HD is universal.

  • @Michael Im afraid you have to, it doesnt show up in the purchased apps in the app store as other universal apps do (apples doing prolly due to the 2 different price points), so I just bought the iphone version, which is ok really at £1.99!

  • I was pleasantly surprised to find Michael is right. I bought Loopy HD on iPad and it showed up on my iPod touch 3G, working great.

  • That is soo odd! I'm in the UK, could that be the reason? I regularily pull apps through to my ipad and iphone, visaversa, if they are compatable and not once did loopy show up on my iphone. Anyways, a fantastic app, one of my essentials :)

  • Sorry for the double posting, somehow, some time I had already placed loopy on my iPhone, buried away in a folder, I don't know why it looked like I was purchasing it again!? Ah well if I did shell out again that's more towards the devs :)

  • @rust404 if you delete an app, I think it says 'install' on the app store. Maybe that's what happened?

  • Nope deffo said £1.99

  • i am a ukulele player and have loopy, i now need to get a cheap foot pedal to control loopy. can anyone suggest. i have looked into irig blueboard which has not been released yet. anything else would be great as long as its cheap and avaliable in the UK

  • My suggestion is pay the extra money for FCB1010. They work awesome!

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    Yay at ukulele! The first record at http://bridgeportmusic.com is all ukulele, a roland sh-101 and found objects. No loopy back then but lots of looping with an AKAI Headrush pedal, a digitech delay pedal and a space echo.

    Loopy is pretty forgiving of midi pedals. Look for almost anything on eBay or craigslist(uk?) and then research it to see if it has the features you need. Lots and lots of info here via the search feature.

  • Hi guys! I'm about to purchase Loopy, looks fantastic. But I have a few questions. Is it possible to mute metronome on the output but send it separately to my drummer in a live performance? Need to be synced.

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    @Gupta - Not currently. Has long been a requested feature.

  • I am using iRig Blueboard pedal. Portable, well priced, and works fine.

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