RC-300 Noisy mic input - Anyone else?

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I just received a new RC-300 and the mic input seems pretty hissy and noisy with or without a mic plugged in.

Can any one confirm that the mic input on the RC-300 is pretty hissy starting about 11:00 with some strange little noises in the background.

Thanks in advance


  • Audio buzz and hum have been the curse of all musicians far and wide since we could plug a cord into something and turn up the volume - it's the nature of the beast. I suggest looking on Wiki and type "audio noise" or "buzz and hum" (yes, two different things). This will get you started in pin pointing the issue and reducing or even eliminating the noise all together. Hope this helps.

  • It is definitley noisey when there is no mic plugged in, I can confirm that! I run everything through a mixer into the main inputs, and I sometimes bump the mic level on the RC with my foot. Usually takes me 5-10 minutes to figure out where the loud buzz is coming from and what the heck is going wrong. I haven't plugged a mic directly into the RC for a while, but I tried it that way originally, and remember it did not work out. If you don't rely too heavily on vocal loops, I would consider not running a mic into the RC, or at least putting it through a mixer so you have easy access to the volume. It will just pick up background noise on your loops anyway. I found that I hardly ever did vocal loops, so pulling my vocals out of my loop line was an easy solution. It also frees me up to record loops while singing, without worrying about having to wait for a space between verses. Or, maybe consider having 2 mics, one that is dry, and one you turn on occasionally to record loops. You can program a control button to be a mic on/off switch on the looper, also, so maybe that could be a solution. Good luck. I know we all could use some of that!

  • Or you could, you know, ask at the Roland/Boss user forums as I don't see what this has to do with Loopy?

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