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Hi, I love Loopy HD w/audiobus, but am I somehow missing a feature to start recording upon threshold?
For it seems way too difficult to capture perfect loops??
Timmy Put


  • Folks have asked for an auto-start like you are describing - Once a track is armed, recording will start only after a certain volume is hit to trigger... But at the moment, I'm pretty sure there is no way to do that.
    As a guitar player, I had to get a MIDI Foot Controller in order to both hit record with my foot and start playing at the exact same time.

  • I want that functionality too. It's awkward to be playing on the keyboard and tap record while playing.

    I went to the facebook question link and added an entry for "Start recording on Threshold. (Like the Boss RC-50 Auto Record function)"

    Vote there if your interested?

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    hey findandrew

    that functionality is already listed in the facebook poll.
    i would also love it!
    i would be magic to start recording without even touching the screen or a pedal.

    ...but in order to not divide votes and create confusion, please erase your entry and put your vote in "Audio-triggered punch in".

    which has many votes, by the way.

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