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iPad 1 Gen Problems?

edited March 2013 in Equipment

Does anybody use an iPad 1st generation with loopy (including midi pedals, usb hub, etc.)? I was wondering if anyone had any bad latency or jumpy problems? How well does loopy run on the older model iPads? I'm currently using loopy with my iPhone but can't seem to find a good audio quality input. I got an iRig from a friend of mine and have been using that but the audio quality is awful and there is no CCK for the iPhone, so I'm looking to upgrade. Unfortunately, I'm pretty low on money right now so I'll probably get an older used one. Let me know what you all think.


  • I use an iPad 1 with Loopy (With Behringer FCB1010, M-Audio Oxygen 25, CCK, USB HUB, and an Edirol Soundcard). It works great. I don't have any latency issues.

  • Ok awesome, Thanks!

  • I, too, am using an iPad 1 with no problems. Be aware, though, that if you want to use audiobus, you need at least an iPad 2. I'm looking to upgrade sometime for that reason.

  • I agree with Jordan: when you get an iPad and inevitably want to expand on its musical functions, the iPad 1 gen will definitely have limitations.
    Loopy works awesome with Audiobus on an iPad2 for recording effects and other iOS music apps into Loopy.

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