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FCB1010 - Can the 2nd Foot-Rocker/Expression-Pedal be used for anything?

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The one foot-rocker on the FCB1010 can be assigned as a continuous controller to volume. Great, done. But what about the other one? What do you use the other foot-rocker pedal for?
Can you use the other Foot Rocker as another Continuous Controller?

Right now, I just bound "Cancel" to the heel-down/0-position but since I can't be 100% that any of the "in-between" 1-127 values will be sent [even with the toe all the way down which should be consistently 127, it doesn't seem to be consistent] I just haven't used it.

Y'alls using it?


  • I use it as Pan. If its not consistant, make sure it's calibrated. I don't have the links handy, but I've posted them here on the forum. If you need the info and cont find it, let me know and I'll track it down.

    You can of course use it for anything that needs a continuous control. Volume and Pan are the only one I can think of in Loopy. If you use a synth, then maybe pitch bend or oscillator frequency.

  • You can use it for anything but loopy has it set for volume, pan, and tempo really. In my opinion they are too sensitive and can be frustrating.

  • Ok. I'll have to try re-calibrating it I guess. I was hoping to use it to like cycle-through the tracks by moving it a little and rebinding to select track for each one of my [6] tracks, but I've found that unless that specific bound value [I can't see the actual value within loopy's binding screen] is sent by the FCB1010, loopy doesn't see the bindings as >X/<Y, only as exactly "#__" so it doesn't work except sporadically.
    I don't ever adjust my tempo and I have no need to adjust the pan, so I guess I'll keep it as my random "cancel" button.

  • Not a bad idea. Pushing it all the way to 127 would make you go to the next track and 0 to the previous. If you figure this out let me know because I would definitely be interested in doing this.

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    @Boberto - you could achieve what you mentioned, by 0 - 20 to select track 1, 21 - 41 to select track 2 , etc..... You can bind more than one trigger to a binding. Also, I would not use the expression peddle to create the bindings, I would use the foot switches. program a bank of then, bind then, reprogram the bank, bind them. That way you know you have all of the numbers bound. Then when the expression pedal is active, you have your 6 ranges. Don't know how practical it will be as you don't see a readout of the pedal position, but with practice it may be useful.

    But, I haven't tried it, so it may not work.

  • @Ganthofer - That would totally work. But it would also take a VERY VERY LONG TIME to setup all 128 values!! I'll pass 8-)
    @ABrokenRecord - The pedal does reliably send out 0 so you could bind that to "prev" and if yours works better than mine you could bind 127 to "next", but you'd end up having to wiggle your foot because "next"&"prev" only respond to one call. I don't think that leaving the pedal down would keep cycling through but then again I haven't tried it. Please do and let us know what you find!

    Thanks all.

  • Just a little follow up... I tried to bind "Cancel Action" to the other foot controller's 0 and 127 values - bad things happened. It crashes the app [Don't tell Michael, it's not that important and I still want my A>B>C record action :( ]

    So many binding changes and behavior changes on the horizon... I can't wait but I know it's gonna totally mess up my current bindings and workflow.

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