Joining the clueless masses

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While I love the idea, I am now joining my friends who have purchased this app who also cannot get it to work. The tutorials are extremely vague about proper step by step. I, as well as my friends, have yet to be able to record a track "in time" to getbit to loop correctly as there is seemingly no loop editor of any type. So far we are really disappointed with this purchase. This is proving to not be as easy as the examples in YouTube. The learning curve completely negates the simplicity of the concept. Is there a full manual available somewhere?


  • Has you seen the inline tutorials and documentation?
    Make sure you are not missing something basic.
    At least for me, as a user, the handling results very straightforward, even doing pretty advanced things like midi sync and so…
  • I installed Loopy a few days ago and have had difficulty finding a manual. Does one exist? For whatever reason, I'm having the same difficulty learning Loopy's ways by watching people use it in a video.
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