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Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the loopy app so bear with me. I'm wondering if it's possible to use loopy with only instruments rather than a microphone. For example I want to have multiple instruments going into a mixer and from the mixer going into my iPhone. Then from my iphone(where the instruments will be looped) have an audio out to go to some kind of amp or speakers and headphone monitoring for live playing. Also I will eventually get the behringer midi foot pedal so I don't have to touch the screen and can play live loops by just picking up instruments and looping them and so fourth. Here's a video of, essentially, what I want to accomplish.
So I'm wondering what all cables I'll need to make this work out so I can play live and adjust in real time.


  • I use a microphone but loop keys, bass, guitar, and percussion (via electronic HandSonic). Basically, I plug all instruments into a small mixer then go from the mixer out into a soundcard and then into the iPad via a CCK. If you want, they know make plug and play USB mixers that should work with iPads, I don't really know about iPhones however. Behringer makes the QUSB series.

    Cool video by the way.

  • That could work, although I would like the CCK port to be free so that I can soon use the Behringer Midi Foot controller. I think I need to get an iRig to plug into the headphone jack and then split the audio out on the iRig to speakers/headphone monitoring. Hopefully this works without the iPhone's internal mic trying to simultaneously pick up noises.

  • Consider the blue digital Mikey over the irig if you can use that port. I've yet to hear of a happy irig customer! To be fair, the best of the audio devices that go through the headphone jack are going to generally be worse than the worst of the dock connected audio devices. If you must go through the headphone jack the peavey ampkit link is better than the irig.

    There is no cck for the iPhone. If you'd like to use the dock connector for midi you'll need something like the midi mobilizer II or the irig midi (which I've never really heard complaints about).

  • Just use a USB hub. Then you can plug multiple USB cords.

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    I was wondering if an iPhone would be able to read multiple USB cords via a USB hub but if the iPhone doesn't support CCK then I guess that's not an option. Thanks for everyone's input. That peavey product also looks very feasible, and much cheaper than the iRig, Thanks syrupcore!

    Hmm seems like an iPad is the way to go, since it supports CCK and USB hub capabilities. Might have to invest in one after all, then I will have good sound quality and the ability to use a foot pedal. Which iPad/USB hub combination do you use @abrokenrecord ? Think I might go with the 3rd gen or mini.

  • I think mine is just a generic 4 out USB. Main out to CCK, then I have my FCB, Soundcard, and Midi Keyboard going into it. Finally, I have a male to male USB cable running from the hub to an iPod wall charger to power it all. It's rigged but it works.

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    @ABrokenRecord, thanks for pointing the multiple usb outs. I was wondering about that and wasn't sure if there might be issues with multiple ports. I have a USB mixer at the moment that has no midi inputs or usb inputs on the mixer. Just audio jacks. My keyboard controller is usb. So to make sure I got you, after turning the lighting port into a usb port via camera connector kit, I can split the USB port and plug the mixer in one and my keyboard in the other with no issues?

  • @ABrokenRecord
    Nice, I think I will eventually have a similar setup to yours. Have you heard any news about Behringer's USB mixers into the iPad via USB hub? I think this will work best for audio quality. Thanks again for all the help.

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    @woodmusic, check the alesis USB mixer. It's pretty reasonably priced and sounds cd quality. Very low noise with iPhone/ iPad and way better than going though the audio. I would also suggest you use a mic in your set up as well. Using a mic creates really unexpected and wonderful results. Not everything that makes a sound has a jack but everything that makes a sound can be picked up through a mic and the sonic possibilities then are endless. Good luck

  • @Astropunk, you gor it! It's that simple.

  • @Astropunk Cool, thanks for the input. Ill definitely check it out.

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